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MC Coaching [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of MC Coaching [Shared]

Growing Younger By Boldly Putting Your Quality Of Life First
What are some of the known and irreversible signs of aging?
What if I told you that you have the power to slow these down by your thoughts, choices, and actions?
Yes, every day in every way YOU HAVE THE POWER!!
the power to increase your mental, physical and spiritual capacity thereby growing younger, as you age.
5 Actions
in Radical Self-Care

How do you perceive aging?
The Mind Shift
Perception: a mental impression formed by attention + interpretation
Your perception is your reality.
What are you telling yourself about growing older?
Notice your self-talk.
You can free yourself from “growing old” as you age, by a mind shift to growing younger as you live longer. Be grateful for each moment in each day.
Action #1
Choose a positive perspective and change what you tell yourself about your body and your age.
Did you hear that?
The Quiet
Did you feel it?
How does the quiet make you feel?
Practice loving the silence by:
Physical activity enhances our lifestyle.
The Moves
It is imperative to move if we are to grow younger as we live longer.
Painful truth: The less we move, the less we can move.
Walk- 5-10 mins for each hour of sitting at a minimum
Strengthen- The100, Planks, Push- ups, Squats, Lunges
Action #4
Move, strengthen, and stretch your body in some way or another each and every day to grow younger as you live longer.
Eat well:
Fresh, organic, well-prepared food, in a comfortable setting, quietly alone or happily accompanied.
The Food
Action #3
Nourish your body, mind and soul with great food and plenty of water.
Connect in the flesh
The People
Be open to new relationships
Resist isolation
Buddy up for motivation and accountability
Action #5
Increase human contact.
Action #2
Fall silent, be still, choose to do nothing,to pray or to meditate for at least 10 minutes each and every day. Then prepare to sleep for 6-8 restful hours per night.
Eat variety:
Sweet, sour, and salty along with bitter, pungent, and astrigent foods.
Eat in moderation:
portion your plate, try not to completely deprive yourself of things you love.
Eat the rainbow:
Roy G. Biv promotes a long and healthy life.
Drink more water.
Stretch- Six ways your spine moves ( P.S. remember your neck)
Physical activity prevents the loss of muscularity, coordination and balance due to growing older.
Seek it.
My wish for you is to that you:
BE clear
BE well
Nurture it.
Treasure it.
Just BE you at your best.
Practice radical self-care to grow younger as you live longer.
It’s not selfish.
It’s necessary.
Follow me on Instagram: @maricoscacoach
Find me on Facebook : MC Coaching and Mari Coscarelli
Get more on the web: http://www.mccoaching.life
Mari Coscarelli
Life Coach, Speaker, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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