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Civil War - Battles

Major Battles of the Civil War, including clips from Ken Burn's 'Civil War"

John Mason

on 20 May 2012

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Transcript of Civil War - Battles

Major Battles of the Civil War AR MO LA MS AL GA SC NC TN KY VA MD OH IN IL KS OK
Territory NE IW PA Gettysburg Bull Run Antietam Vicksburg New Orleans Shiloh Chattanooga Atlanta Savannah Shermans March Sept 2, 1864 Dec 21, 1864 Sherman's March Sherman's March Sherman's March Feb, 1865 Mar, 1865 Appomatox 620,000 Americans killed 318,000 in WWII 115,000 in WWI 56,000 Vietnam 33,000 Korean 13,000 Mexican 4,000 Revolutionary 2,200 War of 1812 All American wars combined = 545,000
killed Bull Run - 5,000 killed Confederate victory George McClellan appt. head of Eastern forces amateurs fighting amateurs some folk came to watch and have a picnick
....they ran July, 1861 Merrimac vs. Monitor two ironclad ships changed naval warfare Union Confed Grant & William T. Sherman vs. Beauregard winner unclear/draw bloodiest battle in American history, to that date April, 1862 24,000 killed, makes both sides realize how horrible this fighting is David Farragut takes port as Confederate defense is busy @ Shiloh April, 1862 North South More people
Supplies Better Military Leaders
Homefield advantage
Defense Antietam Sept, 1862 Battle fought to a draw over 26,000 casualties strategic victory for north, South retreats Jan, 1863 - Emancipation Proclamation issued Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863 Robert E. Lee vs. George G. Meade Decisive Union victory over 50,000 dead one of the largest, deadliest of the war July, 1863 Large Union victory, Grant 6 week long siege, battle on the Mississippi Confederates end up eating rats & mules before surrender over 7,000 casualties Sherman uses, 'total war' first 'modern' general makes war on civilians, burns houses, supplies, destroys railroads destroys morale of South
path 300 miles long, 60 miles wide April, 1865 Lee surrenders
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