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Internet safety

No description

Jenn van Twillert

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Internet safety

Keeping your kids safe online
What kids are doing online

What are the risks
Know what's going

Internet safety for kids
and parents
BCBC Youth Offending Services
in partnership with
Get Bridgend Online Team
Parents in action
Choose from the following options:

check your provider's parental controls
go through facebook privacy settings
google your child's name
check out "block and report settings" on social media
find out more about anti-virus protection
watch the "Parent's Guide to the Internet" on thinkuknow.co.uk
Q&A time
Video 'Exposed'
After watching discuss these questions:
how to prevent situations like this
how to react as a parent
Learn more about popular online applications
Video 'Matt thought he knew'
After watching video, identify issues and discuss preventive actions
How to keep your
kids safe online
Chat about safety and sharing
Parental controls
Social media privacy and location settings
Setting up good passwords
Know how to block devices
Block and report people
Check virus protection
Chat ideas
ask questions about online activities
intro (5 min)
presentation ( 25 min)
coffee break (10 min)
parents in action (20 min)
Q&A time (10 min)
Session Outline

on desktop, phone, playstation, xbox etc.
alone, with friends, with strangers
information on anything
amazing amount of resources
info can be inaccurate
not just text
extreme opinions
pornography / violence / abuse
social networks
instant messaging
(random) chats
online friends
status / what they are doing
pictures, videos
personal info
Thanks for being here today :-)
Time for your questions now
Identify the risks of being online

Get to know tools for online safety

Practice digital skills

Share ideas
inappropriate websites


losing control over pictures / videos

security fails

let them teach you

watch videos together (thinkuknow)

reach an agreement
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