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No description

Victoria Chu

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of champagne

Chantillon Champagne
Humble Background
Anthony Scolari, Italian immigrant

California Vintners Inc. took over
Tradition in a bottle...
Simmons Research
Looked at age, marital status, race, employment status, household size, income levels, geographic locations.

Compared it with consumption of champagne, domestic & imported wine.
Who we want to drink Chantillon?
Let's talk Champagne...
Consumed on special occasions, not on a daily basis
Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Weddings, Anniversaries...etc.
Associate with romantic feelings, celebration attitudes, and superiority
Why this niche target?
Proud of their heritage, relate to Anthony Scolari's humble beginning

Salary range allows leisure spending

Values family

Works hard to build their lives
Strengths: Affordable & humble background

Weaknesses: Only consumed ocassionally, less known brand

Opportunities: No established image, increase in sales if product was more affordable

Threats: other domestic champagne, competing wineries in CA
Campaign Objectives
To increase AWARENESS of the brand Chantillon in California by 15 percent between May 2010 and July 2010, Washington and Oregon by 10 percent between May 2010 to August 2010.

To increase BRAND CONFIDENCE of Chantillon and it's superior quality at a reasonable price in the states of California, Washington, and Oregon by seven percent by November 2010.

To increase SALES of Chantillon Champagne in the states of California, Washington, and Oregon by 20 percent by May 2011.
Creative Strategy
"Tradition in a bottle."
Focus of sale: Chantillon is more than a beverage of quality and affordability, it's a dream that started with one man.

Support: You can taste the quality Chantillon awards you for being such a hard worker. It's a champagne that will be passed through generations within the family.

Tone: It should express richness and the essence of heritage and tradition.
Integrated Marketing Strategies

Television: spot markets

Online Presence
- Banner advertising on general news source
- Newsletter subscription advertising
- Social media using Twitter: create own
Twitter page, tweet about facts & promos

Local Entertainment Guides
Rockstar concert

Romantic get-away

Champagne glass collectables
Timing Strategies
Pulsing Strategy - continuous presence with heavy spikes
November to December: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve
February: Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day
April to May: Wedding season
Heritage Celebration Months
Maximizing R.O.I.
Awareness levels: surveys

Brand confidence: focus groups

Sales: compare revenues

Promotions & Sweepstakes: attendance records & response rates
Money Matters...
Combination: media commission, performance bonuses & project fees

Motivation for the client and its agency partner

Effective, collaborative and incentive-based
Strawberries to your champagne...
Niche target group

Creative strategies

Agency commitment to the client's success

Cohesive & detail oriented plan
Digging further...
Qualitative Research to understand consumer purchase decisions and cycles

Focus groups: 6 to 8 in each state, participants receive free bottle of Chantillon
Taste test & survey: in participating liquor stores & grocery stores

Minoritiy families

Live in CA, WA, and OR
1 - 3 children
Working full-time
Salary range $60K +
Proud of their heritage
CVI Winery in California
Expand to Oregon & Washington
High concentrations of minority populations
West coast culture
Ease of shipping & distribution

$7.5 million

CableTelevision 30%
Promotions 20%
Mass circulation magazines 10%
Newspaper 10%
Special Interest/Cultural magazines 5%
Entertainment Guide 5%
Internet 10%
Research 8%
Contingency Budget 2%
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