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The Maze Runner Book Report

No description

Alondra Ruvalcaba

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of The Maze Runner Book Report

Chapters 25-27
Chapter 25: Minho's bizzare idea disrupts the metting.Newt allows Minho to explain his thinking on his bizarre idea.Minho and Gally start arguing and it ends with Gally losing his temper.

Chapter 26:The meeting has finally ended and Minho is accepting a compromise. Thomas will be a runner for a month and at the end of the month the council would review him, but Thomas has to spend one day in the slammer. The chapter ends with Chuck stating that Alby is alive, going through the Changing, and wants to see Thomas.

Chapter 27: Newt takes Thomas to see Alby and he wakes up. Alby then speaks saying that everything is going to change and he indicates this something to do with Thomas and the girl. Alby tries to talk more, but when eh tries to anwser something took over his body, which cause him to strangle himself.

Thomas tries to mimick Alby , so hopefully he can go unnoticed by the Grievers. They catch the Grievers' attention and Thomas tries to keep them away from Alby. Thomas eventually has the Grievers chasing him. While running from the Grievers Minho joins him and they both trick the Grievers on the Cliff,so the Grievers "fall" down the cliff. Thomas notices how they disappear when they "fell" down the Cliff. Thomas doens't take time to contemplate on it and instead cries as the sun rises.
Chapter 16: Thomas works in the Garden with Zart. After Thomas finishes working he goes to eat lunch with Chuck. While eating lunch Newt tells them the girl is still alive. it is noon at this time and Minho and Alby are no where to be found. Newt tells everyone that no one is allowed to look for them in the maze. As the Gladers wait the Doors start to close and Minho and Alby aproach. Minho is trying to support Alby because Alby is injured. Thomas sees that they aren't going to make it so he goes inside the Maze to help Minho and Alby.

Chapter 17: Minho explains to Thomas that Alby was stung by the Griever that was supposdly dead. Minho tells Thomas that if they wan tto survive they would have ot leave Alby, but Thomas decides to stay with Alby.

Chapter 18: Thomas was determined to keep Alby safe, so Thomas ties him up in ivy, so the Grievers couldn't get to him.
Chapters 19-21
Chapters 16-18
Chapter 13: Alby discusses the situaion with Minho and Thomas figures that the situtaion is unique in the expirence of Minho and Alby. Thomas asks why Alby hates him, but Alby says it is just the changes associated with Thomas. After talking to Minho and Alby, Thomas is awaken form his nap by Chuck. Chuck tells Thomas that Ben didn't die from the arrow and he is going to become banished. So both Chuck and Thomas head to the East Door where everyone is gathered.

Chapter 14: Alby and the Keepers have Ben on a pole and they push him into the Maze, as the doors are closing and is no trapped inside the Maze.

Chapter 15: Newt wakes up Thomas telling him his new job for the day is working in the Gardens. They discuss the bansihment of Ben and Newt retrives the coller used to push Ben into the Maze. Thomas wants to learn more about the Runners beacause he feels as though that is what draws his attention the most. Newt suggest Thomas that if he wants to be a runner, he must prove himself.

Chapters 13-16
Chapters 7-9
Chapter 7: Thomas is introduce to the layout of the maze and the Glade. Thomas also learns about the Box and the four sections of the glade. Thomas also learns that Alby has been in the glade for two years. He also learns the number one rule of the glade. Then a loud siren sets off that is only for the box.

Chapter 8: While waiting for the Box, Chuck explains to Thomas of all the ways they've tried to escape using the box and about Ben. Before Chuck can say more he is interupted by the Box arriving. The Gladers open the Box is a unconsious girl. Alby questions Thomas if he has ever seen this girl in his life, but Thomas has no memory of the girl. The suddenly wakens saying, " Everything is going to change" and then she goes unconsious once again. The Gladers then find a note clenched in her fist.

Chapter Nine: The girl is taken by the med-jacks, who don't know what exactly is wrong with her. When the girl is taken away Thomas feels that he some kind of connection with her that he doesn't remember. Alby becomes streseed because of the changed pattern of the Box's greenie delivery and with a girl being brought in. Chuck and Thomas eat and Thomas begins to fear because he thinks they are criminals sent to prisons for many reasons. After Thomas' prison idea he then decides to go explore the Glade more on his own.
Chapter One: The book begins with the main character Thomas in the Box, an elevator cab. Thomas doesn't know who he is, where the Box is taking him and why. The Box stops and Thomas is greeted by bright light and the Gladers. Thomas is then pulled up by rope and enters his new life.

Chapter Two: Once Thomas gets out of the Box he gets his first look at the Glade and the boys who live in the Glade. The Glade has worn out buildings and a grove of trees. Thomas is introduced to the slang used in the Glade such as greenie, Keeper, and the Cliff. Thomas meets Alby, the strict leader, Newt , the second in command, and Gally who has an unexplained hatred for Thomas. Newt decides to take Thomas to meet Chuck, but are interupted by the screams of Ben. Ben has been stung by a monster called a Griever and Ben is going through the changing. If the sting of the Griever isn't cured in time, then the person dies.

Chapter Three: Thomas sees a beetle blade , a small spying device, with the word WICKED engraved on it. Thomas finally meets Chuck, one of the youngest of the Gladers. Chuck gives Thomas new information of his new home The Glade and explaination of the Glade's slang. A while later Thomas goes up to the Homested , the main building in the glade, and he witnesses Ben's terrifying physical apperance and his suffering.
Chapter Four: Chuck continues to teach Thomas about The Glade. In this chapter Thomas witnesses the Doors closing, which seperate The Glade from the maze, for the first time. Thomas is astonished at how the giant doors can close. Chuck explains to Thomas that no one is allowed to go out to the maze at night and what the maze is.

Chapter Five: Thomas and Chuck pull a prank on Gally and after the prank Gally makes it very clear that he is going to hold a grudge on Thomas.

Chapter Six: During the night Newt wakes up Thomas and brings him to the window in the wall to look inside the maze. While looking through the window Thomas gets to see his first griever. After what Thomas witnessed this morning Thomas realizes that he wants to become a runner. But before he can really contemplate on this he is interupted by Alby, who is ready to take Thomas on the tour of the Glade.
Chapters 4-6
Chapter Ten: Thomas finds an artifical looking lizard creature and follows it into the woods. Thomas loses the creature and finds himself in the cemetery. While in the cemetery he gets attacked by Ben.

Chapter Eleven: Thomas and Ben begin fighting and while fighting Ben bites Thomas. Alby comes to the rescue and stops the fight and asks Ben why he Thomas Thomas. Chuck and Thomas talk later about the situation that happened to Thomas in the cemetery and then fall asleep. Chuck wakes up Thomas and they both learn the girl is still in a coma at breakfast. After breakfast Thomas has to work a job as a Slicer and meets Winston.

Chapter Twelve: Thomas helps Minho to see Alby and finds out that Minho is one of the first people to be in the Glade. Once Thomas and Minho get to Alby , Minho tells Alby that he had found a dead Griever in the maze.
Chapters 10-12
Chapter 22: As Thomas and Minho prepare to return to the Glade they discuss how the Grievers "fell" down the Cliff. Once Thomas and Minho are at the point where Thomas hung up Alby they find Newt, surprised that they are still alive. Thomas decides to take a nap but is interrupted by Chuck telling him that Alby is alive, but going through the changing.

Chapter 23: Thomas spends the day recovering and talking to Chuck until he hears Alby's screams, making Thomas want to know more about the Changing. Thomas then asks about the girl and Chuck responds saying that she is still alive, but not awake.

Chapter 24: The Keepers all have a meeting together to determine what would happen to Thomas, since he broke the Glade's number one rule.
Chapters 22-24
The Maze Runner
By James Dashner

Chapters 1- 3
Chapters 28-30
Chapters 31-33
Chapters 34-36
Chapters 37-39
Chapter 40-42
Chapter 43-45
Chapters 46-48
Chapters 49-51
Chapters 16-19
Cahpetr 28: Newt and Thomas go eat and discuss what happened. As they talk about the girl, who still hasn't woken up. Thomas feels like he is connected to her. At the end of this chapter Thomas receives a mind message from the girl saying what her name is, Teresa. After receiving the message he decides to run inside the maze.

Chapter 29: Thomas runs for about a good hour and comes back to the Glade. The next morning Chuck wakes up Thomas and tells him he has to go to the slammer. Other then learning that he has to go to the slammer ,Thomas learns that Gally has dissappered.

Chapter 30: Thomas spends the whole day in the slammer, but Chuck visits to keep him company. They start talking about their fears and this is whne Thomas begins to feel responsiblity towards Chuck.
Chapter 31: Alby, not recovered fully, come to set Thomas free. Alby makes it clear that he remembers faintly what happen yesterday. He also makes it clear he knows where he came from. There is a celebratory dinner and after Thomas goes to sleep,

Chapter 32: Thomas is woken up by Minho, so they can start Thomas' runner training.Minho gives Thomas the right equiment needed. Minho then shows Thomas all the maps and explains the patterns of the maze and hoping to get out of it one day.

Chapter 33: Minho teaches Thomas the skill of a runner while out in the maze. While running out in the maze Thomas finds a plaque. Towards the end of the run they turn back. When Thomas is drifting off to sleep he receives a mind message from Teresa saying that she triggered the ending.
Chapter 34: When Thomas wakes up he realizes that the maze has changed and he begins to wonder what Teresa meant about the ending. Thomas collects himself and starts his running for the day.

Chapter 35: Minho and Thomas become more curious in the disappearing Grievers. They both complete their run and contemplate on the Griever Hole. Teresa has finally woken up and is sending mind messages to him saying she knows the maze is a code itself.

Chapter 36: Newt wanted to see Teresa, but Thomas did not want to see her at all, but Teresa still found him. She was mind messaging again and was talking about their chances of getting home and slipping away from the med-jacks. Sunset comes and the Door won't close. This has never happened before, but they do know it is very dangerous.
Chapter 37: Teresa is locked in the slammer because she admitted she triggered the ending, but also to keep her safe from the Grievers. Night finally comes and everyone is trying to stay away from the Grievers.

Chapter 38: Minho, Newt , Alby, and Thomas are all in the same room of the homestead. The night becomes very stressful with Homestead very crowed and the Gladers not being able to sleep. Things are as intense as they are, but to make everything more tense , Gally enters the Homestead.

Chapter 39:Gally is half mad and rages the Homestead withe predictions and threats. A prediction that Gally made is the maze is unsolvable and isn't meant to be solved. A threat he made is a Griever is going to kill one person each night. In the final rant Gally tells Thomas that he shouldn't want to go back.
Chapter 40: The Glade is in chaos. Thomas tries to convince Newt to let him go out in the maze after Minho, but is interrupted when Newt points out hat the maps have been burning. Thomas checks in on Teresa and fills her in on the action.

Chapter 41: Thomas leaves Teresa to see if any of the maps survived. Thomas finds a way to argue for Teresa by saying she should be release and be put in charge of the Maps. At the end of the chapter Newt and Minho reveal they saved the maps.

Chapter 42: The four retrieve the maps and plan to meet again. The runner take long runs to the maze at night to observe the working of the Walls. The runners try to manipulate the picture of the map to make it easier to evaluate. Thomas then makes a observation, that if you stack the maps together you see the letter F.
Chapter 43: Over time that group have spelled out a set of words, but have no idea what they mean. Teresa takes over the project while the Runners go out to explore the maze.

Chapter 44: While ou tin the maze Minho and Thomas realize the walls haven't moved since the night before, which is another concern. At the time the Doors are supposed to close Minho and Thomas go inside to search. They both feel as though the Creators are messing with them.

Chapter 45: When they return to the Glade they go to see what Teresa has accomplished. She has made six words that were made have no relationship to each other. Thomas brainstorms and realizes that the words could be passwords and the passwords could be entered in a computer and releasing the Gladers from the Glade.
Chapter 46: Thomas avoids the Gladers the next day and waits till the Grievers come out to take another victim. After a chase he intercepts the Grievers, not to save the victim, but to get stung by Griever and he did.

Chapter 47: Thomas is now going through the changing and is beginning to remember many things.

Chapter 48: Thomas , who has recovered some memory, knows that the maze can't be solved like an ordinary puzzle. His guess to get out of the maze is to use the Griever hole.
Chapter 49: The Keepers gather and leave Teresa out. Thomas presents that the Creators are testing them, but not the maze. To think outside the box and find a new way to get out of the maze. Thomas also explains the Creators wiped their memory of the kids before being introduced to the maze. Also the maze is a puzzle with no answer.

Chapter 50: Thomas explains that he and Teresa are slightly different form the rest of the Gladers because they've helped design the maze, but against their will. Thomas hopes the Gladers can pass through the maze, face Grievers, risk being attacked, dive through the Griever hole, enter the passwords,and leave the maze.

Chapter 51:Alby argues that no one can trust Thomas and Teresa, but he then breaks and admits he was the one who burned the maps because they must never leave the Glade. The Keepers debate and Thomas tells them the rest of the plan.
Chapters 52-55

Chapter 52: Thomas says he would sacrafice himself for them and Newt is less than impressed. Teresa and Thomas discuss the plan through their mind messaging and aren't very happy about it. Teresa meets Thomas at the Box and they discuss the meeting.

Chapter 53: The Council backs up their plan so the preperations are made. Majority of the Gladers decide to go. Later that day Thomas figures out that WICKED is an acronym for World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experimental Department.

Chapter 54: The Gladers all share their last meal together. Thomas swore to get Chuck back to his family. Minho gives a pep talk before leaving saying, "Be careful, Don't Die". Then they are off

Chapter 55: The Gladers run through the maze and head to the Griever Hole. Everything is going smoothly until they arrive at the Cliff because there are a lot of Grievers there. Alby goes up against a Griever and is then killed.
Chapters 56-59
Chapter 56: Minho and Newt lead the Gladers in charge against the Griever and hope to clear a path for Teresa, Thomas, and Chuck. They all leap out into empty space and make the leap successfully.

Chapter 57:They land in darkness and Teresa turns on her flashlight and tries to find the computer to enetr the passwords. Teresa finds the computer and puts the passwords,but the last one won't work. Chuck then finds a button saying "Kill the Maze". Chuck presses it and the maze shuts down.

Chapter 58: The Grievers shut down and the remaining Gladers regroup in a cylinder and proceed into the open tunnel. There are pods on the sides of the room and a plate glass with Scientists observing the Gladers. Thomas realizes that these are the Creators.

Chapter 59: The Gladers watch the Creators and two people then walk into the room. There is a lady and a boy in a hoodie. The woman introduces herself and the boy unhoods himself and turns out to be Gally. Gally grabs a knife and throws it towards Thomas, but Chuck throws himself of Thomas. Chuck's final request is for Thomas to telll Chuck's parents and tell them what happen, then Chuck dies in Thomas's arms.
Chapters 60-62
Chapter 60: The Gladers calm down, but then all of a sudden a mob of rebels gather up the Gladers and kill the creators.They race through the building and climb onto a bus.

Chapter 61:The bus driver drives them through dilapidated towns. According to the rebels the Gladers are all orphans. At the end of the ride they are taken to a dormitory building to stay.

Chapter 62: The Gladers are then assigned bunks and are now safe. They all go to bed and prepare for the new day.
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