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Let's Get Out of Town!

No description

Sydni Lewis

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Let's Get Out of Town!

Personal Finance P.7
Nicole and Sydni Let's Identify the Problem Where should we go? The trip we chose is... Evaluation of the Results We are planning a one week vacation during Spring Break (March 30th- April 6th, 2013), and we only have 4,000 dollars.

We are trying to plan a great vacation while coming up under budget so that we can save for next year! :) Massachusetts?
Yosemite? Nantucket! This trip was easier to plan because a lot of the events didn't have a specific schedule. It allowed for a more laid back vacation. Let's get out of town! Nantucket island, Mass. The cost to drive 1176 miles would be: 352$ in gas
Food including our packed breakfast will be $1840
Packed Breakfast
Lunch at Something Natural
Dinner at Millies
Stay at Vanessa Noel Hotel Green is: 1840$
Bike rental (24hrs): 110$
Spin to Sconset Bike tour: 260$
Daffodil Festival: Free
Souvenir $: 300.00 (Shops: ACK Treasures ect.)
TOTAL= 3946.80$ LEFTOVER 53.20$ Chicago, Illinois Gas: 20.20$
Stay at Amalfi Hotel is 1652$
Go Select Card: 566.49$
Sears Tower
Architecture Foundation
John Hancock Observatory
The Art Institute
Field Museum
Shedd Aquarium
Adler Planetarium
Museum of science and Industry
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park Zoo
Navy Pier Food: 435.22$
Souvenirs: 4*50= 200$ Total: 2892.91$
Leftover: $1107.09! Yosemite National Park, California
Frontier Airlines: $1746.40
Airport Parking: $20.00
Car Rental: $208.55
Days Inn Oakhurst Yosemite: $563.50
Food: 980$
Degnan's Deli for lunch
Curry Village Pavilion for Dinner
Rafting: $109
Stargazing bus tour: 146$
Shopping: 200$
Total= $3973.45 Leftover= $26.55 Even though it wasn't the cheapest vacation, we wanted to go farther away than Chicago, and Yosemite just cost too much; and there wasn't as many free things to do. Plus we like shopping and there were more shops, and a bigger shopping budget in Nantucket.

By doing this we can save $53.20 for our trip next year...maybe we'll go to Chicago... Place: Nantucket Chicago Yosemite

Total: $3946.80 $2892.91 $3973.45

Leftover: $153.20 $1107.09 $26.55
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