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Case FritoLay

No description

Julie Molierac

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Case FritoLay

Taking the next step
Going Net Zero at Casa Grande

Mark Taylor CEO
Danny Wray Financial analysist
Julie Molierac Export Manager
Matt Walter Marketing Department
Company Overview
"The success of Frito-Lay is a
tribute to two
entrepreneurs' dreams."
A Tasty History
Today; 59% of U.S. snack chip industry
Measuring and reporting

The vision for a more Sustainable Snack Company

What if we could package all these technologies together in one place?

How far off the water, electricity, and natural gas grids could we take a facility?”

Making the Call: Evaluating the project
at Casa Grande
2007 Frito Lay North America FLNA
A business unit of PepsiCo
15+ Brands ( Cheetos, Ruffles, Doritos, Tositos, Sunchips etc)
Each brand gossed more than $100 000 000 in sales

Tonight's objectives are:
Devbelopment of the 1st NET ZERO facility (Arizona)
Reasons for measuring, reporting, reducing FLNA's carbon footprint
Prospect of emerging carbon regulations
Impact on corporate operations and decision-making
Topic Introduction

-Where do we currently stand?
-What are realistic goals?

-Are we making progress?
-Evidence of progress made
-Increase accountability (Communicate: “This is a priority”)

-Stay ahead of government intervention
-Embrace changing culture

Improvements in Measurements

-Frito-Lay embraced a more
robust system of data collection

-Management =
better understanding
of fuel and electricity consumption

-Aggregated across the company to provide an
organization-wide picture of energy consumption

Impact of Emerging Federal Regulations

-Emission caps
-Freeze at current production levels, or
-Reduce current emission levels

-Mitigating action: voluntarily act before regulation takes place
-Provides first mover advantage

-Ability to maintain (or possibly increase) production levels, while competitors have to freeze or reduce

A few things to consider:

Longer Payback of the project
How will it change current processes
Backup plans / redundancy in case of problems
Industry Certifications - LEED
Impact of Emerging Federal Regulations

Gains in emissions improvements prior to regulation may not be considered
Are there limits on efficiency? CAN we improve beyond our current position?

Mitigating action
: Volunteer for Climate Leaders program
Charles Elmer Doolin + Herman Warden Lay
1990s “Green Teams” and “Energy Teams”
Coordinating efficiency initiatives at:
-40+ food mfg and processing plants
-1,920 warehouses, distribution centers, and offices.
Positive initial results
-Sr. Mgmt caught the vision
Stretch Goals (1999)
cutting edge while still meeting corporate financial hurdles like NPV and WACC.

Conservation Goals to Reduce Costs

Resource Conservation Team
-8 years of success across large portfolio

-Growing group of in-house experts
-“Performance with Purpose”
-ALL PepsiCo business units
-FLNA CFO even waived Financial Hurdles (NPV)

NPV Hurdle Waived
Benchmarks extended if demonstrated additional benefits outside of traditional NPV calculations
“75% Less Water, 80% Less Gas, 90% Less Power”
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