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Old Ben And Fox Hunt

No description

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Old Ben And Fox Hunt

Old Ben and Fox Hunt
By: Daniel Musselman, Kelly O'Brien, Matthew Fisher
In "Old Ben" one of the main characters is a snake. The snake is a main character because the title of the story has the snake's name, one of the main conflicts is solved by Old Ben and the resolution revolves around Old Ben dying, while in "The Fox Hunt", one of the main characters is a young boy named Andy Liang. Andy Liang is one of the main characters because he is in all the main events such as studying for the PSAT. In "The Fox Hunt", Andy meets a girl that is a huli, (or fox), meanwhile in "Old Ben" the animal character is a true reptile that isn't half human and half animal.
Old Ben Summary
Old Ben is a story about a boy who finds a big, black, bull snake while walking in a clover field. They boy realizes how gentle, friendly, and sweet the snake is. The boy brings the snake home to his father and mother. Both the boy's mother and father learn to appreciate and love Old Ben because of what he did to keep care of the farm. At the end, Old Ben dies. :(
Fox Hunt Summary
Fox Hunt is about an Asian American boy name Andy Liang who wants to excel on the PSAT to uphold his families ancestors reputation. He meets a very pretty girl at his bus stop. He eventually finds out that his ancestor was coached by a fox spirit and that's how he was so good in school. He also discovers that Lee is a fox spirit and he is part fox himself.
Old Ben and Fox Hunt are similar in many ways. For one, they both have an important plot point relating to an animal. Old Ben is a black bull snake and Fox Hunt is a fox spirit.
"Old Ben is a non-fiction story because in "Old Ben" a boy finds a snake and keeps him as a pet, which can be realistic. "Fox Hunt" is a fantasy fiction story dealing with humans who are actually foxes, in which is unrealistic, but the main characters (Lee and Andy), study for a major exam (the PSAT) in which is a realistic event, making "Fox Hunt" a fantasy fiction.
In this Prezi, we will have a brief overview of "Old Ben" and "Fox Hunt", then discuss some differences and similarities between them.

Differences Cont.
In the end, "Old Ben" and "Fox Hunt are two pretty interesting stories. They have many differences and similarities. They both have "animals" as their main characters. All in all, they are pretty cool stories and I would love to read more books by those authors
Similarities Cont.
They also both have foreshadowing. In Old Ben its when the boy recalls his father talking about the only good snake being a dead one. And in Fox Hunt it is the dreams, memories, and phrases. Also both of the main characters are cautious at first when they meet the animal/spirit.
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