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My CV(Work in progress,feedback welcome)

A visual multimedia version of my professional CV

Jose Antonio Magaña Mesa

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of My CV(Work in progress,feedback welcome)

My role Analysis, design and development of an application based on GPS and mobile communications to efficiently assign tow services based on Police Dpt. requests in Barcelona. Technology Professional CV José A. Magaña Mesa Customers Internship at
University Department August-December 1999 January 2006 - July 2007 Technical lead
R&D Project manager Business
balance In summary Customers customers 1976 1994 1990 1988 .... 2000 2006 2008 .... 2012 January - July 2000 SW Engineer January 2002-April 2003 Tecnologías de
Reconocimiento Project Manager Internship SW Engineer Design and assembly of electronic circuits for signal acquisition and device control My role Achievements Project Manager for postal services and document management systems. First patent application in the company (camera able to capture two images of the same object at the same time but with different lighting conditions- DUAL CAM). Technical
Project Manager Technical lead &
Project Manager April 2003 - June 2006 August 2000 - January 2002 Outsourcing of Raster Imaging Process (RIP) Software for the HP DesignJet 10/20PS:
Requirements definition
Team coordination
Project tracking
Quality assurance
Project planning
Participation in the Beta customer program My role Achievements Scope revision after product usability review to meet the program objectives. I received management recognition for showing initiative and tackle product weak points.
Led a horizontal task force to fix some critical issues affecting several solution modules (firmware, software, i/o connectivity).
Top performance review that was awarded with a substantial salary increase. Technology My role Development of the HP Forms Automation Solution Server Software based on Digital Pen and Paper technology. Achievements Granted Patents:
•WO/2007/086075 Forms Management System - January 30th, 2006
•WO/2005/076115 A digital Pen – January 25th, 2005
•WO/2005/122062 Capturing data and establishing data capture areas – May 31st, 2005
plus one trade secret and 4 patent applications in document management, handwriting recognition, collaboration workflows and capture devices •Three full product Software Development Life Cycle with increasing responsibilities in the scope of functions and size of the local and remote team.
•Received several awards for special contributions to the project (development of prototype ICR for number recognition, PDF related features) and commitment to achievement of project objectives (delivery of critical patches and functionality requested by beta customers in record time).
•Within the first year, promoted from Intermediate to Specialist SW Developer.
•Evaluated as top performer 2 consecutive years. Data transfer Processing application in
Enterprise back-end 2 1 3 Service Controller Integrate with your back-end infrastructure The HP Workflow Connect 200 is a collection of software components managing each step of the forms workflow—interfacing the printers, Digital Pen, and enterprise back end.

Digital Pen Download Software.
Transfers information captured by the pen to appropriate back-end services.

Service Controller.
Configures and manages communication between the printers, pens and back-end services.

Digital Paper SDK.
For integration into back-end applications.

Digital Layout Designer.
Enables digital transformation of existing forms.

Digital Paper Printer Driver.
Allows forms printing with a unique dot pattern on normal office paper suitable for use with the HP Digital Pen 250. Increasing responsibility August 2007 - Present Main representative of the business area for Catalonia region (7 million people)
Customers in the private and public sectors
Focus on sales with direct and active involvement in opportunities
Customer solution and suitable proposal definition
Customer follow-up to ensure satisfaction and to uncover new opportunities
Interfacing with providers and technical groups to address requirements and issues during deployment and operation
Daily communication with senior management. My Role Achievements Business revenue grew from 100k to 3M€ in 3 years (2008-2011)
Recurrent revenue increased from 0 to 1.5M €
Staffing of a new group of 3 engineers to consolidate and support engineering and operations functions in the region. Technologies & Areas secure id antiphising network security security audits & compliance After development had reached maturity I was hired by the customer (Telefónica Soluciones) to lead the product deployment and evolution. Achievements Solution from proof of concept to deployment in a new technological area for the company in record time (4 months). Deployment of best practices in the organizations: Unit Test and Continuous Integration. Projects and technologies Office automation for banking offices 8 Team Team Telesurveillance platform Knowledgeable Excellent communicator http://ideas4pm.wordpress.com
http://areyou.wordpress.com http://stackexchange.com/users/1694591/picarus Technologically savvy 12+ years professional experience 7+ years SW
development Leadership Team management Research and teacher assistant
September 1998- June 1999 Programming
12yr old C Programming
1992 1992 inkML working group upto 4 + 17 RS232/RS485 Ms.Computer Engineering (5+ years degree) Architecture definition
Software development
Collaboration with business partners and customers. Windows 2K/NT/XP India
17 Team 4 Senior management, Customer and Provider Final qualification: 8.02 / 10
Promotion order: 11/ 194 484952 0979274 Final qualification: 8.3/10 2010 http://www.linkedin.com/in/joseamagana http://goo.gl/VamTf Enthusiast Proactive Supportive Customer and results oriented Hard worker
responsible Senior Security Consultant
Project Manager Analytical Analytical Problem
solver Global
Perspective 5 Collaboration with European Center for Standardization (CEN) for definition and development of coding and decoding algorithms for the new format (ID-TAG S18d) for postal identification based on Reed-Solomon error correction codes. A rejection rate reduction of 30% was achieved based on optimization of existing mail processing software.
Promoted from Software Analyst to Project Manager during the first six months. Platform for Venezuela electronic voting Computer vision application development Production releases support Training to international partners and solution integrators. Collaboration with university groups and HP Labs for several research projects (technology transfer from company portfolio to the product and signature recognition) Liaison with marketing and business development groups in EMEA and NA.
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