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Chapter 11 Lyddie Notes:

No description

Cenera Davis

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 11 Lyddie Notes:

Being that today was the first day of the NJASK, I was
to get out of bed this morning.

After my grandmother died, her watch was one of the fewest yet most
items we had left of her.

Leaving your homework at home many times may make your teacher
Reluctant: (adj.)
Unwilling or disclined
Of great or far-reaching importance
Vexed: (Adj.)
Irritated or very annoyed
Chapter Summary:
Notes (Part One):
Lyddie realized that the novel Betsy was teaching her to read was from the lending library and actually cost money.
The book cost five cents each week it borrowed, five cents that Betsy was paying for
Lyddie gave Betsy ten cents to pay for the book, despite the fact she hadn't want to waste money first payday.
Betsy told Lyddie how she was saving money for a better education at a real college, but told her not to tell Amelia
Chapter 11 Lyddie Notes:
Amelia, Betsy, and Prudence were packing for their break, where they planned on visiting home.
Lyddie yearned to check on the cabin, but if she left, it would be in violation of her contract and she'd loose her position at the factory
Since workers were leaving for the holidays, there would be more work to be done in the weaving room, and if there was more work, there was to be more pay.
Notes (Part Two)
luctance is a mental
fusal that you end up doing anyway
The word
being a structure honoring a memory or person with intentions of showing appreciation of their importance. (Mount Rushmore is a famous monument.)
The word vexed starts with "v" and it means to be very annoyed so the "v" stands for very and the word means annoyed therefore we have, very annoyed. when you're
your mind is

Ways to Remember:
Notes (Part Three)
Being alone at work, Lyddie borrowed the book Betsy was reading to her from the lending library in her spare time when she wasn't working in the weaving room
Lyddie went to buy the same book Betsy helped her read at a shop
In this chapter of Lyddie, Lyddie is getting used to life in the factory, she likes it there. Everyday she looked forward to Betsy, her friend, reading to her. Lyddie soon found out that the book Betsy was reading her cost Betsy 5 cents a week. Even though Lyddie was supposed to be saving up, she gave Betsy 10 cents for "Oliver's" rent because she felt bad. Betsy was also saving up for Oberlin, a college that accepted girls, a real college. Diana, Prudence, Betsy, and Amelia were all making plans to go home and going off for the holidays. Lyddie stayed at the factory because since she had agreed to a full year contract at the factory, thus meaning could not leave. Diana knew Lyddie would enjoy the extra money while she was gone. Over the month of July, Lyddie borrowed the book that Betsy was reading to her before. This time she was reading it herself, piece by piece. In the last days of the month, Lyddie bought the book and read it.
Lyddie saw a woman at church who she believed was Diana
She callled out to her but the woman had ignored her leaving Lyddie to believe she may have not been Diana after all.
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