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A Plant Cell is like a Town

No description

jyler cranky

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of A Plant Cell is like a Town

Cell Wall
Analogy: Town Border- the town border is the shape of the town, showing you how much of the town there is
Function: The center of an atom which contains the protons and neutrons (the central and most important part of an object or group)
Cell or Plasma Membrane
Function: Thin, flexible barrier that surrounds all cells; regulates what enters and leaves the cell
Function: Found in cells of plants and some other organisms; captures energy from sunlight
A Plant Cell is like a Town
Rationale: defines shape and structure of the cell
Function: Strong supporting layer around the cell membrane
Analogy: National Grid- Provides electricity ( the power house)
Rationale: Gives off light, and electricity
Analogy: Police Officers / Fire fighters - Protects the people of the town
Rationale: Just like the cell membrane protects the organelles so does police officers and firefighters
Analogy: Town Hall - Administration of the town
Rationale : Just like the nucleus is the center of the cell, or atom, the town hall is the center of the town.
Function: Substance found in Eukaryotic Chromosomes that consists of DNA
Analogy: Town Records - pieces of information
Rationale: Just like Chromatin consists of DNA the town hall consists of town records
Function: Consists of RNA and protein found throughout the cytoplasm in a cell (they bind messenger RNA and transfer RNA to synthesize polypeptides and proteins
Analogy: Town Council - An elected governing body
Rationale: Just like Ribosomes are found throughout the cell, the town council is found throughout the town, giving messages.
Function of Microfilaments: Small rod-like structure
Function of Microtubules: Structure responsible for various kinds of movement
Analogy: Pipes and bridges - holds everything together
Rationale: There are movement on bridges from cars which indicate the Microtubules that are in a cell, and pipes are small and rod-like which indicate the Microfilaments in a cell
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Function: A vast system of interconnected membranous, infolded and convoluted sacks that are located in the cells cytoplasm
Analogy: UPS Store in a town - holds everyones stuff
Rationale: Just like the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum that has sacks located in the cells, the town has packages and stuff located in the UPS store
Function: In Eukaryotic cells, all contents outside of the Nucleus
Analogy: Infrastructure ( Roads, people, schools, etc.) - structure and facilities
Rationale: Things branched out from the Town Hall ( aka the Nucleus ) making up the rest of the town
Golgi Body / Apparatus
Function: Modifies, sorts and packages proteins and other materials from the endoplasmic reticulum
Analogy: Mayor - the head of a town
Rationale: Just like the Apparatus sorting things out, the mayor, that's in charge of the town makes sure everything is organized
Function: Present in all plant and fungal cells (typically containing fluid)
Analogy: Water Tanks - a tank that hold water
Rationale: Vacuoles are like water tanks around towns because they're filled with a watery fluid and the water can either be gained or lost
Function: Converts the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use
Analogy: Electrical Lines - the bulk transfer of electrical energy
Rationale: Electrical Lines send energy to places that need electricity all over the town, just like Mitochondria breaks down the chemical energy for the cell
Plant Cell
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