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Genre #reigatemedia

sample materials

Sarah Holloway

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Genre #reigatemedia

original creator of ideas & concept
final product
Audience consume (watch / enjoy) the product
Genre - linear view
Audience make choices about
what they choose to watch
Demand created from audience
artist seeks to meet demand in
view of competition
choice is limited to what is produced
needs to make money and create profit for the studio/ producers
film-maker is auteur or author
Psycho 1960
Hitchcock 1899 - 1980
Social / Political
influences of what is
happening in society at the time
hegemonic ... the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group e.g. Government
allegory of the times
hegemonic influences?
(symbollic representation)
High Noon 1952
directed by Fred Zinnemann
screenplay was written by Carl Foreman *
Carl Foreman stated the film was intended as an allegory of the contemporary failure of intellectuals to combat the rise of McCarthyism,
During the 1940-50s there was considerable fear of communist influences due to the Cold War (especially between the Soviet Union and the US)
Carl Foreman had previously been in the Communist party
McCarthyism era (term derived from the exploits of anti-communist U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Noon
Ryall's theory of Genre
Global society
The Industry

The film
Ryall also sees film within a sea of influences: historical, economic, social, cinematic, aesthetic, ideological
Industrial situation?

Hollywood Studio system - star system -cultural imperialism
e.g. High Noon example - McCarthyism witch hunt
HUAC (1337-1975)

John Wayne complained the film was un-American
Social formation?
How would you describe the film Industry today?
What society influences are there on films?
Issues to consider:
Global ideologies
Hollywood dominance
Global Homogenisation
Media literate generation
sees a dynamic and mutually determining relationship between producer, audience, and text with conventions providing a framework or structure for both producers and audience readings
Genre Theory
Think of a film
Create a presentation that shows Ryall's theory
-consider influences
-consider current state of the film Industry
-consider recent influencial films
e.g. War (Iraq / afganistan)
Changes in funding (Univeristy
Diappearance Maddie McCann
Global Warming
Change in Government/Policies
London riots
Martin Luther King
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