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The Literacy Case Study - Eduardo

LIST 4376 - Dr. Arrowood

Maricela Pillaca

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of The Literacy Case Study - Eduardo

Case Study
By: Maricela Pillaca
Let's Meet Eddy!
Strengths & Weaknesses
What I learned from Eddy...
Eddy's Favorite Books:
Let's Get
to know
more about
Case Study
LIST 4376
Dr. Arrowood
Summer II
Maricela S. Pillaca
[Sessions 1-4]
I would like to introduce you all to Eduardo (or Eddy).
He is 8 years old and he just completed 3rd grade.
MOre about Eddy!
Session 1 - Assessment Results
Session 2 - Assessment results
Session 3 - Assessment Results
Session 4 - Assessment Results
Parent/Caregiver Interview
Dolch Word Lists
[220 Words]
1. Parent/Caregiver Interview
2. Dolch Word Lists
3. Interest Inventory
The student did 7 self-corrections:
The student missprounced 4 words:

Based on the interview, his family is very involved in Eddy's life. They care about his academics.
Based on the interest survey, the student is very open-minded and enjoys a variety of books except scary books.
- Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Books 1-7) by Jeff Kinney
- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
- The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby by George Beard
- The Minecraft Magazine
- Holes by Louis Sachar
- How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

Also, meet PACHO!
I chose this Minecraft background
because Eddy loves Minecraft! :D

Reading/Writing Perception Scales
Running Records/Fluency
Qualitative Spelling inventory
6 + 1 Trait
Writing Assessment
My time with Eddy has been GREAT, WONDERFUL, and FANTASTIC!
I learned so much from him that it won't fit in this small bubble. So, I am going to list my top 4 things I learned from him.
Building Relationships:
Usually, Eddy and I would see each other about twice a year. But, our one-on-ones have given me the opportunity to learn more about Eddy's interests, friends, school life, and much more.
Confidence: My weakness is lack of confidence. But, Eddy has taught me how to have more self-confidence. At first, Eddy said he felt like he cannot read or write very well. But, session after session...Eddy started to have more self-confidence of himself. He would want to read more books during our Shared Alouds. Also, he started giving me ideas about literacy activities.
Mixing Fun with Learning:
I learned that using a variety of teaching methods like games, art, and other can make learning more enjoyable. If a teacher makes learning exciting, students will enjoy learning too. I learned I should use a variety of learning modalities. Hands-on activities gets the students more pumped and ready to learn.
Learning Never Stops:
Eddy is processing everything he is learning so he can use them later in life. As a future teacher, I need to continue learning because learning never stops. Every day, there is always different ways to progress education in this world. So, I should try my very best to always stay updated with changes, obstacles, and other. Right now, I am in the same boat like Eddy. I have my own teachers who are providing me with information about effective teaching, theories, history about education, and much more. My teachers are feeding me knowledge so later I can use these tools in my career as an educator and in life.
Setting Goals:
In our first session, I asked Eddy, "What are your goals in life?" Eddy responded, "I want to be a better reader and writer. And be a great soccer player like Chicharito." Session after session, Eddy has proved himself so much. Every session, he always put 110% effort. I, myself, need to follow his example. Every day, I should be putting 110% effort not 30% or 90%. Setting goals can create opportunities and a set of direction.
Capitalization: The first word in every sentence & proper nouns
No punctuation marks to end the sentence.
Incomplete sentences: 2-4 words per sentence
Minor spelling errors
Expanding vocabulary
Responses need more details.

In-depth responses/Detailed explanations
Enjoys reading informational, poetry, and narrative texts.
Steady reading pace
Uses intonation expression and good expressions (reading/speaking).
Uses finger tracking when reading (strategy)
Making predictions
Difficulty with oral language uses lots of interjections and hesitations.
Minor pronunciation errors
Adds some substitutions
Eddy's Strengths
Eddy's Weaknesses
Enjoys the writing activities.
Editing his work.
Understands that a space is needed between words.
Readable handwriting
Writes left to right and from top to bottom.
Reading Attitude Survey
Writing Attitude Survey
Reader/Writer Perception Scales
Running Records/Fluency
Spelling/Qualitative Spelling Inventory
Fluency Checklist
Writing Assessment
Written Language
The tutoring sessions were held at Eddy's house. To avoid distractions, we would have our sessions in the kitchen or in his bedroom.
Session 1
: July 12th (Saturday) 10:20AM-11:10AM (50 Minutes)
Session 2
: July 22nd (Tuesday) 9:30AM-10AM (30 Minutes)
July 25th (Friday) 12:50PM-1:40PM (50 Minutes)
Session 3
: July 28th (Monday) 9:20AM-9:50AM (30 Minutes)
July 31st (Thursday) 9:40AM-10:50AM (50 Minutes)
Session 4
: August 1st (Friday) 12:50PM-1:50PM(60 Minutes)
Overall, I have enjoyed our tutoring sessions. Eddy always gave 110% effort during every session. His goal is to increase his reading and writing abilities.
He was a joy to teach! :D
After calculating the scores, the scored 70/80. So, the student is between "somewhat happy" and "happy" about reading.
After calculating the scores, the student scored 60/80. So, the student is between "neutral" and "somewhat happy" about writing.
After the student read "The Closet Creature", the student use the strategy, retelling, to express his understanding of the story. The student did a great job describe each part. But, the student missed 1/2 responses for the "solution". Overall, he did a wonderful job!
Error Rate: 16 errors or 1/16
Accuracy Rate: 94% - Instructional Level
Fluency (wpm): 169 wpm
Fluency (wcpm): 33.8 or 34 wcpm
This second time of using the retelling strategy, the student got all the parts correctly. He said, "I like this story because it's short."
After assessing different writing works, I used the 6+1 Trait Writing Assessment to understand the student's writing abilities.
[ Ideas (2), Organization (2), Voice (3), Word Choice (1), Sentence Fluency (1), Conventions (2), Presentation (2)]
I have observed the majority of the items in the checklist.
I haven't seen:
Chooses to write independently
Uses word processing when writing
Uses all 5 steps of the writing process
Eddy completed Sets #1-5 from Section One (p. 485) He wanted to do all sets #1-5. He tried his very best!
In my opinion, I believe the student is in the Early Phonemic Stage and a Emergent Speller.

Correct: bed, ship, when, lump, place, drive, bright, shopping, spoil, serving, favor, ripen
Not Correct: float, train, chewed, carries, marched, shower, cattle, cellar, pleasure, fortunate, confident, civilize, opposition
When reading, the student's fluency is more in Stage 3.
But, I would rate high in expression. So, I checked "Expression" on Stage 4.
During the sessions...
Read Aloud/Shared Reading:
Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney
The Wolf Watchers by Unknown Author
The Closet Creature by Kelly Hashway
Holes by Louis Sachar
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby by George Beard
Writing Activities:
Writing a Friendly Letter
Response Questions/Retelling
Sentence Building Worksheet
Make Your Own Holiday Worksheet
Create Your Own Comic Book
Would You Rather Worksheet
Word Study/Teach Time:
Heads Up: Verbs Version
Word Family Sort (Online Activity)
Matching Contractions
Fill in Missing Letters Worksheet
Vocabulary Building-Graphic Organizer
Word Puzzle Wheel (Online Activity)
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