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Becoming a Tutor on the Varsity Tutors Platform - 2016

No description

Varsity Tutors

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Becoming a Tutor on the Varsity Tutors Platform - 2016

Connecting with Students
Obtained Through the Platform
The Story of Varsity Tutors
Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate
academic achievement

The company was founded in 2007 by Chuck Cohn while he was a student at Washington University in St. Louis.

Varsity Tutors offers students the opportunity to connect with
live online

instruction through its platform.
Helpful Documents
What it Means to be an Independent Contractor
Because the platform is a marketplace, Varsity Tutors cannot guarantee you customers, hours to work, or revenue. As a result, tutors who use the platform tend to instruct those students obtained through the platform for what would be the equivalent of part-time work. Opportunities to connect with students through the platform depend on time of year, location, and subject demand, among other things.
You are free to express interest in or decline any customer opportunity sent to you.
Students and tutors can take learning on the go with one of Varsity Tutors’ 40+
free mobile apps

Varsity Tutors offers free online Learning Tools across more than
200 subjects

This includes free digital test prep books and 200,000+
expertly written

practice problems, flashcards, and diagnostic tests.
Next Steps
Our expert directors and platform's algorithm will use the information you provide to
you with students.
This information includes your
, and
subject list
, so keeping your profile up to date helps avoid mismatch.
When a student opportunity becomes available, you can find it inside your Varsity Tutors profile on the
Opportunity Board
. This board is updated in real time with all potential student assignments based upon the criteria you inputted. You will have the chance to review the details of the assignment before deciding to accept or decline a student, as will the student.

You can learn more about the terms and conditions of the relationship in your
Independent Contractor Agreement
, which you will be directed to after this presentation.
Unofficial transcripts
Driver's license, government-issued photo ID, or work authorization
Test score verification, if applicable to what you want to tutor
To upload and sign these documents, visit

, then log in using the email address you provided and the password emailed to you at the beginning of the interview process.
Becoming a Tutor on
the Varsity Tutors Platform

Some documents are helpful in order to make sure the platform works correctly.
Please submit the following…
Additionally, please

complete the following forms…
Independent Contractor Agreement
Background Check Consent
You may complete these forms on the Varsity Tutors website.
For the background check, clicking
will bring you to a screen asking that you create a security question and password.
To sign or submit the documents, click on the

link for the Background Check will not appear until you have completed the Independent Contractor Agreement.
Varsity Tutors would like to offer you a contract based on your qualifications. Before accepting, we'll tell you a little bit more about Varsity Tutors' online tutoring platform. This contract is subject to completion of a successful background check.
Thank you for taking
the time to meet with
Varsity Tutors!

The Story of Varsity Tutors
What It Means to Be an Independent Contractor
Interacting with Students Obtained Through the Platform
Helpful Documents
Next Steps
In this presentation, we will go over...
You will then be asked to share pertinent personal identification information, an electronic signature, driver's license information, and address history.
You'll be asked to read and accept the terms authorizing the background check to be completed.
After filling this out, you may submit your form.
You will receive a
confirmation screen
confirmation email
that you have successfully submitted your form for the background check.
If you receive an error message, please carefully
check all fields
for typos or missing information.
We recommend you now upload any missing documents and complete all helpful forms.
Please submit all forms at your earliest convenience
, as it may impact the time of your profile going onto the platform or obtaining student opportunities.
are available through your tutor profile if you'd like to learn more about the platform.
Welcome Video
is available for you to watch after submitting all forms to learn more about the tutoring platform.
To complete the Independent Contractor Agreement you need to
click the I Agree box
type your full name
into the electronic signature box.
Because of your experience and background, you will not receive any instruction or training from Varsity Tutors.
You will provide tutoring services
to clients obtained through the platform, not Varsity Tutors. Varsity Tutors' primary focus relates to the platform and its efforts to accelerate academic achievement.
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