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Spartan Oligarchy

No description

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Spartan Oligarchy

No artwork was made in Sparta and unlike all the rest of Greece woman were free to do whatever they wanted to do.
The Ephors voted on everything for Sparta and helped Sparta in many ways,
Spartan Lifestyle
In Sparta every man were trained to be warriors. They first started to train when they were the age of seven. The younger children were beaten by the older children to make them stronger.
Spartan Oligarchy
The Spartan government was an oligarchy. Oli means many and garchy means lead.
So this means that Sparta was ruled by a group, unlike the rest of the Greek city-states.
Spartan Oligarchy

Sparta was a city-state isolated by mountains and everyone who lived there were fierce warriors and was ruled by oligarchy.
The Ephors
In Sparta Ephors made all the decisions like war, taxes, and law. Ephors were a small group of five men that held up Sparta.

But when one Ephor dies the next male family member takes his place. Also the citizen of Sparta had to obey and follow the Ephors commands.
So in conclusion was an independent oligarchy that was ruled by Ephors. Also Sparta was a very unique and very powerful city-state in Ancient Greece.
Sparta had a very strong soldiers that eventually defeated Athens in a war that destroyed all of Greece and lead to it's downfall.
I think it is very important to learn about Spartan’s government because you can compare both our government today to Spartan oligarchy and see how government changed. Also you can learn about more greek government and compare them to each other.

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