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Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders

No description

Christa Alber

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders

Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders Overview
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes people to have seizures
Epilepsy affects about 1 million Americans (Haslam, 2004)

Symptoms of Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
Incidence of Occurence
Tests and Screening
Causes of Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
Treatment Options
Accommodations in
Reading, Writing, and Math
IDEA Classification Category for a Student with Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
Test Questions
Difference Between Epilepsy and Seizures
A seizure occurs only once
Epilepsy is defined as a person having more than two unprovoked seizures

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