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Cadillac Live Your Dream

No description

Christine Coulter

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Cadillac Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream
Big Three: General Motors, Chrysler, & Ford
GM founded in 1908
Cadillac joined in 1909
11 vehicles in 2012
We are known for being the standard of the world
Target Audience
Campaign Budget
Market Share
Somewhat monopolistic market share
Top 4 luxury brands hold 66%
What is the Cadillac Brand?
Future Market Position
• Middle Class: the social group between the lower and upper classes, including professional and business people and their families.
• Accessible to a younger audience by being more affordable
• Focused on new environmental values and achieving goals and ambition
Cadillac before the Dream became Reality
Cadillac Vs Competitors Advertising
The task is to portray the Cadillac as a more accessible car than it has been.
With this rebrand we want to shift from a communication strategy focused on product attributes and luxury towards a deeply emotional appeal.
We seek a high-spirited, strong story to boldly reposition Caddy in young consmer's minds.
The budget for the Live Your Dream campaign will be $300 million
TV Commercials and Print Advertising, cost is relative to the opportunity of premiering the Live Your Dream during highly viewed event such as the Superbowl or Oscars

Target audience:
- 25 – 35 years old
- Middle and upper class
- The pursuit of challenges and adventures
- Want to be seen as an achiever
- Want to “blaze their own trail”

Our Position in the Market
Where we are in the Market, and where we want to be:
• Upper middle class is: The social group between the upper and the middle class made up of well-paid professionals, managers, and their families.
• Accessible to a specific group of people
• Focused on luxury and material
Cadillac is...
The Open Road to Living
Bringing People Together
Cadillac is...
Cadillac is..
Taking You on Your Journey
Cadillac is...
Luxury within Your Reach
How We are Growing
Making Cadillac cars more accessible to a younger target market: by making Cadillac more affordable to a wider demographic without diminishing quality or prestige
Focused on the Environment: launching Hybrid line
Understanding the Customers changing needs and wants
Current Target Market

75% males in their 40’s to early 60’s, married with family
Upper class
Kings, Presidents and movie stars have all driven Cadillacs which emphasizes the status entitlement
“The symbol of American success”
Status & prestige
Live Your Dream
Let Cadillac Take You There
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