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Regina Spektor


Mitch Kosters

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor Born? More like handed down from heaven, amirite? But seriously, she was born February 18th, 1980 "Where was she born?", you may find yourself asking. Why, no where else than motherfucking Moscow, bitches. Wait WHAT?!?!?! That's right. Born in the motherfucking USSR. Enough of that Soviet shit. Lets talk about how awesome she is. Well first off she's Jewish. So there's that. Oh, and she lived in the USSR. You know, the USSR notorious for hating Jews? So, you knows she hates opression and all that kind of bad shit. Then, she moved to the US. USA! USA! While she was here, she practiced the piano. A LOT Before I forget, her family didn't actually own a piano. So, instead of saying "Fuck piano, I'm gonna be a hairstylist like all those other immigrants," you know what she did? She practiced on shit like tables. FUCK YEAH. She started writing songs and shit. Then she completed a 4 year music degree. In 3 years. WHATABAMF Now, shes released six albums. This is one of her fucking songs. FUCK YEAH. (Again) So thats pretty much it.... WAIT. Heres a picture of her. She's also pretty hot. So remember, youll never be as awesome as.... Regina Ilyinichna Spektor Presentation done by Mitchell D. Kosters
(Special thanks to Wikipedia)
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