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By Sadie, Bailey, And Ailey

Sadie Jane

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Ecuador

By: Bailey, Sadie, and Ailey
Ecuadorian clothing varies depending on where they live. If you live in Ecuador the people will know what city you are from by the clothes you wear. For example, in Quito, Ecuador's Capitol, men typically wear blue ponchos and fedoras. They also wear a Shimba, or a long braid that typically goes down to the mans waist, which is a symbol of ethnic identity. In the coastal regions, the women wear light dresses and the men wear Guayaberas, or a loose fitting shirt. If you were to visit Ecuador, foreigners are expected to dress more formally.
Fast Facts
There are 317 mammal species in Ecuador, 1,600 bird species (15% of the worlds bird species), as well as 106 reptile species and 136 amphibian species. Needless to say, Ecuador is filled with creatures. One of these creatures is the Ocelot, or a small Amazonian cat, as seen below. Another animal is the Sechuran Fox, which is a nocturnal creature that is nearly threatened due to habitat loss. The last animal is a Cloud Forest Pigmy Owl. It is a small, threatened owl species found in Ecuador and Colombia.
Sechuran Fox
Cloud Forest Pygmy Owl
Traditional Clothing
Women's Traditional Clothing
Men's Traditional Clothing
Ecuador is a beautiful place. It is located in northern South America, and is one of the most interesting countries in the region. Here are some basic facts about Ecuador:
~ The National Animal is a Andean Condor.
~ Ecuador became independent from Spain on May 24th, 1822, but Independence day is celebrated on August 10th.
~ Ecuador's capitol city is Quito.
~ Ecuador's population is 13,032,000.
~ The life expectancy is 71 in Ecuador.

Ecuador's Flag
This is an example of some traditional Ecuadorian folk music. Ecuador natives typically have traditional dance made for songs to dance to in a group. This is especially common to be done in decorative costumes and clothes.

Ecuadorian Band


Fast Facts:

Sechuran Fox:

Cloud Forest Pygmy Owl:

Map of Ecuador:

Traditional Clothing:

Women In Traditional Clothing:

Men’s Traditional Clothing:

Music Video:


Ecuador is full of yummy and exotic foods. They have everything from fried guinea pig to vegetable soup drizzled with blood. Yum! They are known for having seafood, potatoes, and good food all around! A typical diet for an Ecuadorian consists of meat, such as fish and chicken, as well as rice and potatoes.
Traditional Food
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