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mohammad belal

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of linguistics


rebus writing
The sympol for one entity is taken over as the symbol for the sound of the spoken word used to refer to the entity
a good exampel of logoraphic becuse of the particular shapes used in their symols ,
the relation ship between the written form and the objects it represents
it is arbitrary ,
what is linguistics
The competence of a grammar
The origins of language
1- The Diven Source : he talk about the god given language .
2- The Natural sound source : (imitations of the naturel sound)
3- yo-heave-ho theory : especially when that physical effort
4- The oral gesture source : a link between phisical gesture and orally produced sound .



representing a particular image we can easily understand what it refers to when we loock at the pictograms
what are vowels
: are sounds produced without obstruction of pasages in the mouth but without the vibration the air of the vocal cords so all vowels are voiced .
* linguistics
is the study of language
not just particular
languages but the system of human communication .


1- phonetics sound
2- phonology
3- morphology
4- syntax
5- semantics

the articulation and perception of speech
the pattering of speech sounds
word formation
sentence formation
the interpretation of wwords and sentences
: are sound produced with a complete or partial obstruction which prevents the air from going freely through the mouth . they are voiced or voiceless .
the relationship between the entity
and the symbol is not easily understood like

places of articulation
Manner of articulation
Preparing by
Mohammad belal
Al- Dhoun


Dr Manar AL-Momani

Thank you
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