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The Golden Age of Islam

1. 04 Flvs Assessment

Joyce Griffith

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Golden Age of Islam

Come and explore the height of learning and the discoveries made in history during the Golden Age of Islam! Golden Age of Islam The Islamic Empire flourished greatly intellectually during the Golden Age. Art, literature, science, medicine, and architecture were growing with more and more advancements. Intellect The Islamic empire is at its peak during the Golden Age. As trade is bustling and scholars visiting from all around the empire as well as from other continents. Many travelers came to see all the great things the empire was doing, which in turn increased trade and business. Also, non muslims were to pay a tax to the empire which also helped the economy during this time period Economy The capital of the Islamic Empire was moved to Baghdad at the start of the Golden Age. The Islamic rulers did not force the conquered people to convert to Islam, however, they had to pay a tax if they were non-muslim. There still were non-muslims who held high positions in the government. Political Because of the increase in trade, as well as scholars from around the world coming to Islam, the empire became diverse and adopted some other cultures from outside the empire. The strive that Islam had to learn during this time period attracted many people to the empire, resulting in diversity of people and culture. Social During this time period, arabic numerals were adopted from Hindu, and the idea of 0 started Algebra. There was also a recovery of ancient Greek geometry and astronomy. Ibn al-Haytham was credited for being the first scientist. He inspired scientific method and wrote a book about eyesight. Science/Math The Golden Age was also a time for literature. Rumi, a great poet lived during this time, as well as Ibn Rushd, who translated many of Aristotle's writings. Calligraphy was also coming into the Islamic culture. Literature Art was one thing that was advancing during this period. The popular designs were floral and vine designs on pottery, geometric and arabesque designs on art pieces and architecture. Pottery was also often painted in silver and gold. Art Many medical advancements were made during the Golden Age of Islam. Many textbooks about medicine and anatomy were written during this time. Al-Razi was the most famous doctor that lived during the Golden Age. He wrote many books and conducted many experiments to find cures for diseases. Hundreds of hospitals were also formed throughout the empire. Medicine The Islamic Empire during the Golden Age built many great buildings. Many were designed as art pieces using arabesque, geometric, gold and silver designs. Often times, a building will be simple on the outside, yet ornate on the inside. Sacred buildings such as the Done of the Rock are ornate on the outside as well. Architexture Come and discover the
Golden Age of
Islam it for yourself!
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