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No description

Octavian Robinson

on 12 July 2017

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Transcript of In-Betweenity

Worthy v. unworthy lives
Who's worthy of life?

Deficiency Model v. Deaf Gain (Common Sense Ableism)

Creating bodies we can inhabit or creating a world we can all inhabit?
False Dichotomies
Deaf and Nondeaf
Identity Hierarchy
Language Use
Language Ability
Group Identity
"Deaf Experience"

False Dichotomies
Deaf v. Nondeaf

Range of Identities among Deaf People
Hard of Hearing
oral deaf

A Note on Terminology: hearing impaired or hearing loss = deficiency model

No hierarchy
Common Assumptions

Intersectional Realities
Deaf* and queer

Privacy and the Coming Out Process

Absence of DeafQueer Peers and Mentors

Health care ramifications
Information Sharing

Linguistic Issues

Effective Communication – For most Deaf individuals, English is like a second language.

Qualified Interpreters – Medical situations and terminology can be intimidating.

Confidentiality – Patient information will NOT be shared. (HIPAA)
"Qualified Interpreters"- Who Decides?

For more on medical interpreting: naomi.sheneman@gallaudet.edu

For more on bioethics, Deaf culture, Deaf Experiences, and Disability Justice: orobinso@holycross.edu
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