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Week 2 Lesson 1: The Anti Campaigns

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Liam Brooks

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Week 2 Lesson 1: The Anti Campaigns

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Week 2 Lesson 1: The Anti campaigns

Week 2 Lesson 1: The Anti campaigns

LI: To understand the significance of the Three Antis and Five Antis Campaigns.

SC: Students will be able to articulate the purpose and impact of the Three Antis and Five Antis campaigns.

Activity: Short reading and question.
1. Working individually.

2. Read the text and answer the question (6-8 lines). We will recycle this content later as part of our preparation for SAC 4.

Question: Why did Mao introduce the Anti Campaigns in 1951 and 1952?

3. We have 15 minutes.

4. Class discussion to follow.
Teacher-led 'A-style' answer on the Anti Campaigns
We will go through the recommended structur for answering A and B-style questions. We will only answer the A one today.

Focus on

Start with topic sentence that is tightly linked to the question. The rest will stem from this.

***Go through sample as a class
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