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Apologetics- Islam

No description

Steven Baley

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Apologetics- Islam

No Trinity
No basis for unity and diversity or love
Is Muhammad trustworthy?
How do you reach a Muslim?
I. Identify the Idolatry
A. There is one god- Allah
B. Mohammad is the last and greatest prophet
C. Jesus was a prophet but not God
D. Believe in 4 holy books and the Koran is the final authority
E. Salvation is by works
III. Contradicting Itself
A. The Koran:
B. Allah:
1. Contradicts other holy books
2. Makes historical mistakes
3. It has gone through many changes over time
1. The Koran says that Allah is utterly transcendent and unknowable by man
2. The Koran says that Allah is not bound by truth
3. Allah is not triune
C. Mohammad:
1. He admitted to speak for Satan
2. He made poor ethical choices without seeking forgiveness
3. He sought to shed blood and conquer not save
C. Their belief system is driven by fear and uncertainty not freedom and love
Basic Beliefs
II. Identify the Reductionism
A. They embrace an infinite god who is impersonal and unknowable
B. They understand the concept of sin but not redemption
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