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Prezi: Moodle @ Nottingham

VLE Management Board

Vernon Collis

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Prezi: Moodle @ Nottingham

Enhancing the QUALTIY of Teaching & Learning
at the University of Nottingham: How? We need to Customise and Personalise Learning What will be the IMPACT of Moodle @ Nottingham? Learning Outcomes:

by the end of this short presentation :

(a) you should be able to appreciate the IMPACT of the Moodle Learning Environment on:

* Learner engagement

* Teacher engagement

* Management engagement


(b) have a clearer VISION for how Moodle may develop at the University of Nottingham WebCT vs. Moodle: views of a practicing university teacher Similarities: The Moodle Advantage: * Free to install and provides world-wide free open-source support * Pages can be easily customised to look like any web page *Virtual Learning Platforms

* Pedagogic applications * Intuitive screens and drop-boxes to add or edit resources and activities * Content that has unique URL's for ease of sharing between users *Encourages the sharing of best practice: MoodleShare * Quick and easy Course Management Tools
enabling individual student progress to be closely monitored * Comprehensive user-logs stimulating in depth analysis of learner, teacher and university-wide Moodle engagement Student engagement What do our learners deserve/expect? Visually stimulating interactive interface -compatibility with the exponential trend
towards web access via Chromebooks / Tablets / iPads and Smart-phones: [ "MOMO" project: MobileMoodle ] Access to e-content, anywhere, anyplace and anytime Longer Term: Single Sign On (SSO) Programme and Module Support
Personal Tutor support
Student Services
Academic Support
University Regulations
Assessment Results
Academic Integrity ... Teacher engagement Time-starved academics: FAQ's posed by teaching teams: How quick and easy is it to develop quality e-content? Does it promote best pedagogic practice? How easy can we monitor individual students progress? Can we easily manage my groups and individuals? What types of eAssessments are available? Manager engagement Time: Short lead-in time to productivity, ease of use and increased flexibility IMPACT: Encourages university staff to quickly convert from WebCT to Moodle Quality: Enhanced functionality and teacher-customised course development IMPACT: Increased engagement by ALL users Costs: Moodle is a free OpenSource application with
Moodle User Groups support across the web IMPACT: Reduction in longer term costs with improved user
support and development Research: Moodle is defined as a true "Content Management System" (CMS) IMPACT: Moodle provides user-friendly LOGS to monitor and analyse any type of activity undertaken by users MOODLE VISION: 100% Moodle engagement with Teaching teams 100% Moodle engagement with ALL learners Wider use of Moodle for successfully meeting the university's "Grand Challenge" - Personal Tutoring Use in Open CourseWare initiative: U-NOW Use as an institutional-wide tool to inform, develop and inspire all staff and students associated with the University of Nottingham Dr. Vernon Collis Moodle facilitates customised and personalised learning Any Questions? Thank you for your attention Have we met our outcomes?

* Learner engagement

* Teacher engagement

* Management engagement

* A clearer VISION for Moodle's future and finally..... a more radical idea! Question:
Do we want our students to take FULL control of their own learning? -why not give them FULL
Moodle Course Creator permissions ? This is entirely possible and it works in practice! from PASSIVE STUDENT to ACTIVE LEARNER "The Digital Generation"
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