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13 Gifts

My book report prezi on 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass.

Katherine Skogley

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of 13 Gifts

13 Gifts
By: Wendy Mass
Several of the main characters in my book are: Rory, David, Amanda, Leo and Tara
By: Katherine Skogley
The most important character is Tara. She was going to go to Madagascar with her parents for the summer, until she sprayed the principal with pepper spray. Now she has to stay in Willow falls for the summer.
Rory was the main character in her book, Finally (12), and she got everything she ever wanted when she was 12. But now she has to help Tara, who is in Willow falls for the summer, with her mysterious task from Angelina Di' Angelo.
She was one of the 2 main characters in her book, 11 birthdays. Her and Leo had to patch up their friendship before their birthday repeated itself...again. Now they have to help with Tara's job from the mysterious Angelina Di' Angelo.
Leo is Amanda's best friend, who is the second main character in their book. They stopped talking to each other, and began using blackboards to communicate. He is a good friend. So good that he is willing to go on another adventure with Angelina Di' Angelo.
David is a new character in this series. He is a friend to the group, as well as the only one who hasn't had an adventure with Angelina Di' Angelo, and doesn't know about her. He is Jewish, and he has a Bar Mitzvah coming up. He is a very good singer and he is happy to help his new friend, Tara, even though he doesn't know why she needs to do this quest.
13 Gifts is the third book in this series. The other two books are Book 1: 11 Birthdays, Book 2: Finally, Book 3: 13 Gifts, and the new last book: The Last Present.
11 Birthdays
11 Birthdays is Amanda's book at first. She had gotten into a fight with Leo the year before and They are not having their birthday party's together for the first time. Angelina Di' Angelo comes and helps her, because her birthday is repeating itself. But Angelina is a confusing woman........
Finally is Rory's book. Rory is turning 12 and she finally gets everything she ever wanted. A phone, makeup, pierced ears, she has a long list. But on her school field trip, she runs into Angelina Di' Angelo. Then Jake Harrison, an amazing movie star comes to film a movie at her school and she gets to be an extra. They have a lot of fun laughing at how wrong her list turns out.......
13 Gifts

13 Gifts is the book I am reading. Tara is the main character, along with many friends from other books in the series. And Angelina Di' Angelo.
The Last Present
This is the fourth and last book of the series. It is somewhat new and I know almost nothing about it.
I recommend this series to everyone who likes adventure, but I don't particularly recommend this book to boys. It is a fun, fast flowing series totally worth the time it takes to read.
Angelina Di' Angelo
Angelina is the reason all of these books really exist. She can basically do magic, knowing things about people that they don't even know about themselves.
The Plot
This book is about Tara, a girl who will turn thirteen in the summer. But after an incident with pepper spray and a life size stuffed goat, she gets sent to a little town her parents grew up in for the summer. She will stay with her aunt, uncle and cousin. She is not having a very good stay at first, having her money, iPod and phone stolen. But when she meets Rory and her friend, everything starts to lighten up. Then she runs into Angelina Di' Angelo. Angelina sends her on a mission to find 13 objects before her birthday on Friday, June 13Th. Well, I'll reveal too much if I tell anything else. Read the book if you want to find out more!
This series is in Willow Falls, a town somewhere in America. The time is set basically in the present.
Willow Falls, where anything can happen, and there are no coincidences.
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