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Fish Tank

Science and math collaboration project Quarter 1

Jessica Cooper

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Fish Tank

My Fish tank Before I chose the fish I did based on many different factors. One factor was appearance. Two things were under that category. My first one was space. Were too many in the middle? In the top? In the bottom? My second was natural beauty. I chose the Blue Fancy Guppy because of its long, luscious, tail. I chose the Zebra Danios because of their distinct colors. I chose the Julii Cory catfish because it gave the bottom of the tank more texture. Last of all, I chose the Dalmatian Molly for its unique design. Bottom Swimmer Pair Top Swimmer Communal Middle Swimmer Communal Middle Swimmer Schooling Before After Julii Cory Catfish Dalmation Molly Zebra Danio Blue Fancy Guppy My second factor is budget. This factor ended up giving me no issues at all. My total was less than half the budget of $50. At first I thought this factor would be the biggest issue, but it ended up being the smallest. My third and last factor is length. This was the most difficult to figure out and required a lot of sacrificing. We had a maximum of fifteen inches of fish. This was because every inch of fish requires one gallon of water, and we had a 15 gallon tank.

My first tank was a draft of a tank I made without knowing what we could purchase. It included a double tailed beta, a hermit crab, a sand crab, a clam, and a miscellaneous fish. None of these were available, so I designed a revised electronic sketch.
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