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The Road to Invisibility

No description

Jacqueline Coreno

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Road to Invisibility

The Road to Invisibility Chapters 7-9
"thinking about the freedom you've heard about up North" 152
"this was not a city of realities, but of dreams" 159
"the shock of seeing a black policeman directing traffic" 159
"I had to get a job and earn money" 162
"my packet of letters...drawing a feeling of importance from reading the important names" 163
"one way of speaking in the North and another in the South. Give them what they wanted" 164
"help him continue in the direction of that promise which, like the horizon, recedes ever brightly and distantly beyond the hopeful traveler" 191
Step 4
"And remember you don't have to be a complete fool in order to succeed. Play the game, but don't believe in it"
"Be your own father, young man. And remember, the world is possibility if only you'll discover it" 156
-The Vet
Does the narrator see the whites as a "force" during this part of the book? What does the quote above relate to?
"the white folks...the force that pulls your strings until you refuse to be pulled any more" 154
"feeling that I was playing a part in some scheme which I did not understand. Somehow I felt that Bledsoe and Norton were behind it" 170
"Negroes...leather pouches strapped to their wrists. They reminded me fleetingly of prisoners carrying their leg irons as they escaped...Yet they seemed aware of some self-importance" 164
Why would this be mentioned if the narrator was still not fully aware of his identity? Was he questioning himself based on what these men seemed to have?
I want to try to reveal a part of reality" 186
-Young Mr. Emerson
"Identity! My God! Who has any identity anymore anyway?" 187
Why would this be mentioned if the narrator did not look into his identity yet?
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