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kady tosh

on 19 May 2014

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by: Elvira Woodruff
prezi by: Kady Tosh

The setting of my book is back in time during 1908. The setting is also at Ellis Island.
Main character
Dominic goes on a field trip with his class and falls asleep in the janitors closet. When he wakes up it is 1908. He sees three boys in front of him when he stands up. On pages 35 and 36 the oldest one introduced himself and his two brothers. His name is Francesco, Antonio (the youngest) is 7 and and Salvatore is 10 years old. The boys went on to find Father Tomaso (tho-MAH-soh) because they thought Dominic was crazy when he told them that he was from the future. They thought Father Tomaso could help. On their way they found Voletta the goat who traveled with them on their journey. On their way to Father they saw Sausage and his group. His group had spread out and wouldn't let them by. They heard the noise of bells. They had to make a run for it through the orchard.
plot 2
The overall theme of the book is kindness. In the book Dominic is kind to the boys throughout their journey. An example of this is found on page 106. Francesco and Dominic took turns carrying Salvatore. This was being kind because he was helping Francesco by carrying Salvatore.
The main character in the book The Orphan of Ellis Island is Dominic. He is brave in chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 because he talks to the three boys that are strangers. He has courage in the rest of the book to go on a journey with them.
The historical Significance
One example of the difference in time is that they didn't have cars back then. They walked everywhere they went.
Another difference is that the three boys didn't have shoes. They went barefoot.
They spelled
name wrong
They ran straight into the trap set for them by the giant Randizzi. Francesco and Salvatore had managed to escape. Randizzi grabbed Antonio and was going to whip him but Dominic yelled at the giant "Let him go!". The giant put Antonio down and beat Dominic instead. They teamed up and got away from the giant. Father Tomaso gave them tickets to travel to America where they would live. On their way to America Salvatore got sick and died. Dominic fell asleep while waiting to get into America. When he woke up he realized it was all just a dream.
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