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eletrical project

uses of eletricity, and how eletricity flows

Leah Epting

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of eletrical project

Daliy Uses Of Electricity
washer and dryer
flat iron
phone chargers

Lights Out Survival

What!!!No power!!!Nooo!!!
On a cold winter day the lights went out. My family and I came home from school. We walked into no lights.

First, you can’t do anything. Like flat iron or blow dry your hair. So you have to go to school looking crazy. There’s no phone for you to talk to your friends. You can’t watch television. Your friends would say “you watched SpongeBob?” I would say ‘’No’’. We could fix that by going to the library and watch it on the computer.

Another reason is it’s hard to get around at night. You might bump into something. Somebody else might have the flashlight. You should have a lantern, a candle, or flashlight to see with.

Also, there wouldn’t be any warm food. So you have to keep eating sandwiches, fruit, and anything you can’t cook. We can fix that by going to other people’s house to cook.

Finally, you can’t do anything; it’s hard to get around at night, and no warm food. You don’t want to freeze to death; bunch up. A house is like the only time for families to be together.
Diagram Of A Complete Cicuit

This is a complete circuit because it has a bulb. The circuit has wires and the wires are connected correctly to the battery, the switch, and bulb. When the switch is closed it is on. The circuit is not broken so it’s complete.
This is an incomplete circuit because it doesn’t have a bulb. If it doesn’t have a bulb what will the battery do to give energy? It is just a battery and a switch. If there’s no user nothing is going to light up or buzz. So that is why this is an incomplete circuit. Diagram Of An Complete Cicuit Diagram Of An Incomplete Circuit Six Saftey Rules

Electical Symbols
a wire
a bulb
a switch
a battery
a buzzer

Things To Know
Electricity cannot flow witout
a power supply
a closed cicuit to travel around
The cicuit should have a bulb, batteries,and wires to connect it all.
If you remove a battery from a circuit. The bulb goes off.
The bulb allows us to see weather the cicuit is correctly connected. If it isn't the bulb will go off.
a switch to turn electricity on and off.
circuits can contain other electrical devices.
Does it matter where the switch is in a dorrbell circuit? No

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