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Summer Institute 2013~ELA Close Reading

40 cards designed to aid ELA educators as they prepare Common Core aligned lessons

Mary Bumgarner

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Summer Institute 2013~ELA Close Reading

40 Ways to Read like a Detective
Strategies for the ELA classroom
What is a text?
"Text includes newspapers, photographs, video clips, poems, and other sources of information that a teacher can use to center classroom conversation." (Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives, p. 9)
Cards 27-31
Format, Genre and Media
Cards 37-40
Vocabulary & Grammar
Explore different strategies to use in your ELA classroom that are aligned to the Common Core standards. Each strategy card contains a description, example instructional activity, academic source info, and the specific Common Core standards aligned with the suggested activity. These cards were created by DPI ELA consultants and were shared at the Summer Institute in Greensboro, NC July 2013.
Cards 1-9
Ways to Read
Cards 10-15
Questioning/Discussion of Texts
Cards 32-36
Responding to Ideas in a Text
Cards 16-22
Exploring what the Text Says
Cards 23-26
Organization & Structure
Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives (Fisher, D., Frey, N., and Lapp, D., 2011)

Other Resources
40 Things to Do with a Text, by Braham and Gaughan
Making Thinking Visible, by Ritchhart, Church, and Morrison
Notice and Note, by Beers and Probst
The Art of Slow Reading, by Newkirk
Thinking Notes Video Grades 3-12

Close Reading How To Guide

Text Dependent Questioning

Article Explanation of Text Dependent Questions for Adolescents

Evidence Based Writing 4-5 Slide share

Lesson Modeling Main Idea Third Grade

Summarizing Strategies Pinterest Ideas

Summarizing Strategies LearnZilion

Paraphrasing 8th Grade

Text Structure Graphic Organizers 3-12

How to Video-Text Structure 2-5

Text Talk Time- Video 5th Grade Example

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Vocabulary

Close Reading High School Example
24 Multiimedia Tools that support Common Core

Determining the Genre Video
Create Editorial Cartoons or Comics

Student Centered Activities K-5

Foldables K-12

Overview Video of Common Core Vocabulary Grades 6-12
Note: All lessons are correlated with the Common Core Anchor Standards for K-12. At the bottom of each lesson card is the Common Core Anchor Standard and explains if a change should be made for secondary students. You may access Anchor Standards at this link.
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