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Deepening our Understanding of

No description

Bill Behn

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Deepening our Understanding of

Deepening our Understanding of
what we have.
A necessary mental shift at the TOP-that means YOU!

Old View: We called it VAR 2.0
But it was really just VAR 1.0+
Overlap Clients
Software Client Base
Staffing Client Base
New View: VAR 2.0
Keys to old View
1. Two seperate companies; two distinct brands
2. Seperate sales approach. Many people selling to one
3. Specialists vs. Generalists
4. No cohesion inside the organization
5. Execs see it as a different company; they see how it could ADD value to Software and HELP Software
6. VAR 2.0 is really VAR 1.0+ (with staffing "over there" or Attached to VAR 1.0)
7. Internal Software people don't pay attention or understand the value
8. Honestly, Half Assed. Not putting our Asses on the line under the guise of "protecting our brand" And, a Half-assed approach feeds through the internal employees and to our customers. Eventually, you have a hall-assed service offering.
Software Client Base and
Staffing Client Base one in the same

The Market is our playing field, not just install base.

Install base important and integrity maintained with them.
Keys to new view
1) One company. Two brands, but only for some clarity. Mostly we talk about the VAR brand (this is what I did last week. I was there as BCS ProSoft. The clients got that and my impression was they didn't have to get to know someone new. They already know us and those who don't have heard of us OR appreciate a 30 year brand.
2) Everyone sells everything. Rather, everyone understands the value of everything we offer and understands the value of connecting dots. New Software Sales People, CAMs, Staffing, etc A Seemless conversation of how to solve numerous organizational problems.
3) A company of generalists. Here's why generalists are important in today's world: Generalist understand context not just content, Generalist can connect dots across subjects rather than just being a subjet matter expert. Breadth vs. Depth leads to a more creative experience. This is how the world is going, guys.
4) This one is KEY from Exec Perspective: We view VAR 2.0 as an essential next step in the brand and the industry. Not an "add on" but a necessary step in being 21st century business partners to keeping VARs alive, yes, alive.

Once WE understand Step 4, everyone will get it. Hell, I spoke to clients this week about EVERY aspect of the organization. I was a generalist operating under the BCS Brand. I sold software, HR Software, Field Service Software, ap clerks, Fractional CFO Services. And it was seamless. People are used to one-stop shopping now. They don't have to be hyper focused. If you look at the ERP ProStaff tag line: "Your headcount should be as Agile as your Systems" that automatically ties things together. If you look at the BCS ProSoft Tag Line "People, Process & Technology" Again, yearning to be a generalist in a world of specialist. A generalist firm with deep understanding of various aspects of business....not just one aspect.
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