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Personal Leadership Plan

No description

Mandy Hedstrom

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Personal Leadership Plan

Vision World Health
Organization Personal
Plan About Me Mandy Hedstrom Passions
Helping Others
Sciences and the
Human Body Values Over 8 million children under the age of five die from malnutrition and mostly preventable diseases each year. One billion children worldwide are deprived of one of more services essential to survival and development. Personal Goals Goal #1: I am an
Consultant for
AOII by Spring
2013. Respect
Genuinity \ Goal #2: Goal #3: I am accepted
into medical
school before
April 2014. I commit at
least one year
to serving
through Doctors
Borders by 2023 Barriers #1) Getting accepted into medical
#2) Being chosen to be an Educational
Leadership Consultant for AOII
#3) Gaining enough experience to
be accepted into Doctors
Without Borders Current Steps: “Never doubt that a small
group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can
change the world.  Indeed,
it is the only thing that
ever has.” -Margaret Mead Role Model Role Model Passions Helping Others
Science and the Human Body Major:
Cell Biology & Neuroscience Honors
Degree Leadership
Experience Clinical
Experience Inspiring Successful Understanding Loving Hard working Intelligent Amazing Considerate Thoughtful Caring Kind-Hearted
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