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AAD 520, Unit 15: Course Conclusions & Reflections on Arts Administration Leadership

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UK Arts Administration

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of AAD 520, Unit 15: Course Conclusions & Reflections on Arts Administration Leadership

Unit 15:
Course Conclusions & Reflections on Arts Administration Leadership
I. Arts, Leadership and Reflection
What has your experience with leadership been thus far and how do you wish to lead in your arts administration work?
"In the past I shunned conceptions of leadership in this regard, because my notions of leadership included the icon of the traditional patriarchal leadership paradigm as authoritative, constraining and ego driven, instead of conceptualizing it in a new paradigm and the one I experienced much more readily in graduate school with my advisers. The old notion of leadership was irreconcilable with my work goals. This new leadership is not personality driven, but rather something that can be implemented by anyone. Upon reflection of this prescribed paradigm, it is no real surprise that the elements and tenets for this prescribed leadership are congruent with many community building oriented approaches common to community-based art education and arts-based community development work and additionally, necessary for the implementation of an egalitarian environment and community pedagogy in any environment."
SIDEBAR: A NOTE from the COURSE DEVELOPER: A Reflection on Leadership

Model the Way
Inspire a Shared Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart
In parallel can your plans for arts leadership serve as a trustworthy structure?
II. Self-Reflection and Self-Reflexive Practice in Arts Administration
What are the differences between reflection and reflexivity?
READ: What Does It Take To Lead Effectively?
READ: Reflections on Collaborative Leadership
Community Arts Education Leadership Institute
III. Collaborative Reflexivity
IV. Public Reflection
CultureWork and The Artful Manager
REVIEW: CultureWork, Inspiring Vision and Practice: CultureWork, a leading voice for arts and cultural management praxis. May 2012. Vol. 16, No. 2.
CultureWork, by visiting the Previous Issues page:
The Artful Manager, a Blog by Andrew Taylor
REVIEW: The Artful Manager
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