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Short Story: Assessment Criteria

Here are some assessment criteria for a short story. These are also available on my blog in a pdf format here: http://jgloppen.blogspot.no/2013/01/assessment-criteria-for-writing-short.html

Jaspreet Gloppen

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Short Story: Assessment Criteria

Title Use of Literary Devices: Needs to be relevant,
original and captivating. Your story needs to have the following five plot elements: Plot Elements: Your characters need to be well developed
and should have thoughts, feeling and actions. Characterization: Narration Styles Foreshadowing
Repetition etc. Point of View First Person,
Second Person
Third Person Limited
Third Person Omniscient Orientation or presentation
of the setting,
the characters etc., Rising Action or a Conflict
This is what the story builds up to.
There is usually a confrontation. What happens after the Climax.
Do things become worse or
better for the protagonist?
The final paragraph where you explain how
the story ends and what happens to the character.
You can try to surprise your reader with a twist.
You can also leave the ending open
so that there are many different readings of the same story. There needs to be a central conflict
which leads to a growing excitement
in the reader that
something is about to happen. Falling action: Resolution: Narration Styles You need to use different narrative modes like:
direct speech when the characters talk directly to each other
reported speech when retelling something a character has said,
flash back etc. Make sure you use the same point of view consistently. Language Use:
Use of Adjectives Use adjectives extensively
to create an interesting
and entertaining
reading experience. Language Use Grammar, Usage
Sentence Structure &
Use of Linking Words -You need to use the correct rules of grammar.
-Make sure you avoid making Usage Errors or formuleringsfeil (i.e. sentences which are grammatically correct, but a native speaker would not speak like that. For example: I became in love vs. I fell in love.
- You need to vary your sentence structure and try to use both Simple, Compound and Complex sentences.
-Use of Linking Words: Use linking words to combine sentences and create cohesion so that the sentences flow better. Climax or a Confrontation
or Turning point of the story: Short Story
Assessment Criteria Good Luck Writing!
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