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Copy of Adolf Hitler & The Nazis

this presentation is to teach my class more about Adolf Hitler and other aspects of the rise of Nazism in Germany and the Third Reich.

Jessica Surch

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Adolf Hitler & The Nazis

REICH Hitler was born April 20th, 1889 in Branau Austria. He did not have a middle name and was listed in the baptismal registry simply as Adolphus Hitler. His father was Alois Hitler and his mother Klara Hitler. At the time of his birth he had a half brother Alois jr. and a half sister Angela. He became his mother's favorte at a young age. And grew up an average student and received 'mediocre' grades. Adolf's brother said that as a kid he would get away with the craziest of notions, but that soon ended. As he was growing up his father retired. following his retirement he became highly abusive towards his half brother Alois jr., his mother, and him. When Adolf was still young his brother Alois jr. ran away, to escape his abusive father. following his abandonment of the family Alois began to be young Adolf even more. Adolf's mother Klara watched as he was beat and was often beat also. Hitler Also developed a deep love of art as a child. But his father would not let him pursue his dream of being an artist and often beat him to convince him not to pursue it. But this soon ended, because his father died. This left Hitler free to pursue his interests. Soon after Hitler used some of his saved up money to travel to Vienna. There he applied at the Academy of Fine Arts but was declined after his art was deemed bad. Following this Hitler returned home. He never told his mother that he had been declined. Soon after returning his mother fell very ill and was diagnosed with breast cancer. His mother made a good recovery but died soon after. Following his mothers death Hitler became deeply depressed. Some people believe this is where his hatred towards Jews started because his mothers doctor had been a Jew. But this is doubtful, at the time he had nothing but kind words for the doctor. Birth Childhood Teenage Years After his mother's death Hitler returned to Vienna. Then he applied at the Academy of Fine Arts and was once again denied. Not long after Hitler ran out of funds and could no longer afford his apartment. He moved to a much smaller room and began looking for work. Hitler jumped around between jobs. He shoveled snow from in front of Vienna's fancy hotels, and looked for any work he could get. But even all this couldn't bring him enough money. Hitler became homeless in Vienna. Hitler roamed the streets and soon developed a love of Vienna's architecture, this further developed into a passionate love that he soon wished to pursue just as he had art. During this time Hitler began attending speeches by right-wing organizations. Return to Vienna Soon after, Hitler is requested to join the Austrian army. Hitler ceased to eat, wash, or sleep for several days. This gave him such a ragged appearance that once he arrived at th recruitment camp he was deamed unable to fight. Following this Hitler moved to Germany. Once there he inlists in the Bavarian military on August 3,1914. He was soon after accepted and instructed to appear at a military recruiting camp. On October 20,1914 Hitler begins his fighting in World War I. In his valiant military services Hitler is awarded two Iron Crosses, the second being of the first class. In October 1918 Hitler's leg is injured by shrapnel from a nearby explosion. Hitler is sent back to Germany to recover. In his recovery Hitler joins the Nazi party. In March of 1920 Hitler is officially discharged from the military. Military Years Hitler carries out the Beer Hall Putsch and leads thousands of Nazi members through the streets of Bavaria. During the Putsch gunfire breaks out. Hitlers loyal personal bodyguard, Ulrich Graf, is shot more than a half-dozen times during shielding Hitler's body. Hitler was then sent to Landsberg prison for his leading of the movement in which several people, including Nazis, died. He was sentenced to five years of prison but served less than one. He was only in cell 7 of Landsberg prison for about nine months. During this period of time he began work on his book he had been planning. He spent many long hours dictating the book. He finished the book and shortly after he stumbled upon a title that seemed destined to be, Mein Kampf. In September the prison warden made a report stating that Hitler had been highly cooperative. And on December 19,1924, Hitler is released from prison. Not long after in February1925, Hitler and Nazi restrictions are lifted, such as ability to speak publicly. And on February 27, 1925, Hitler gives his first speach since being released.During the Summer of 1925 Mein Kampf began appearing in bookstores all across Germany and got 'mediocre' reviews, several critics called it boring or hypocritical. But either way, it opened up Nazism in ways it has never been before, German and Bavarian citizens began to see Hitlers Nazis in an entirely new perspective. This created a whole new way for Hitler to approach his rise into the Reichstag and being the Reichstag within itself. Hitler saw how greatly this book had expanded Nazism so in December of 1926, The National Socialist Movement, sequel to Mein Kampf, is released. Shortly after in March of 1927 Hitler's ban on public speaking in Bavaria is lifted. Nazi Rise And in July of 1921 Hitler is appointed the leader of the Nazi party. Shortly afterwards Hitler hears of an Italian Dictator named Benito Mussolini. Hitler is so impressed by his radical takeover that he personally writes him a letter starting a friendship of sorts. Hitler then leads a rally in Munich, Germany that draws a crowd of over 50,000 people. And in the Fall of 1923 Hitler decides that it is time to assert Nazism and organizes the Beer Hall Putsch. Between January & October of 1923 more than 35,000 new members join the party. NEW MANAGEMENT People call the years 1926-1929 Hitler's "quiet years". But this period of time ended on October 29, 1929, when the Stock Market crashed and the Great Depression began. Following this Hitler and his Nazis wage a massive campaign unlike anything Germany has ever seen before. Hitler began to travel the country giving many major speeches, attending and organizing meetings, posing for pictures, and signing autographs. And finally on September 14,1930, the Nazis recieve over 6,371,000 votes. On October 13, 1930 the newly elected marched in unison into the Reichstag and stated "present! Heil Hilter!". Two years later on March 13,1932, Hitler recieved 11,339,446 votes for the Presidential election whereas Hindenburg recieved 18,651,497, but not enough to get the absolute majority needed. On April 10, 1932 Hitler recieved 13,418,547 votes, not enough to beat Hindenburg. But Hitler got the better hand because on January 13, 1933, Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany. Shortly after, on March 23, 1933 Hitler declares himself dictator of Germany with the Enabling Act. CLIMB TO POWER Activities create a timeline of Hitler's life and rise to power Highlight the key factors that influenced Hitler's rise to power over Germany
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