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Listening to the Experts:

No description

Laura Edwards

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Listening to the Experts:

Listening to the Experts
Getting Started
Going Public
Business English
Podcasting in the Business English Classroom.
Mia Aghajari
Laura Edwards

ETpedia Business English
How can we tap into our students’ expertise to learn more about their jobs, companies and the challenges they face, while helping them increase fluency, accuracy and confidence ?
Features of Podcasts
'So what exactly do you do?.'
Features of Business English
Benefits of Podcasting
Stanley, G. (2006). Podcasting: Audio on the Internet comes of age. TESL-EJ, 9(4).
Ng'ambi, D., & Lombe, A. (2012). Using Podcasting to Facilitate Student Learning: A Constructivist Perspective. Educational Technology & Society, 15 (4), 181–192.

Stanley, G. (2006). Podcasting: Audio on the Internet comes of age. TESL-EJ, 9(4).

Oliver, B., 2005. Mobile blogging,'skyping'and podcasting: Targetting undergraduates' communication skills in transnational learning contexts. na.

Kohar, E. and Salam, U., 2015. Students' perception towards the use of podcast for learning English. Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran, 3(12).
Supplementing scripted and stilted textbook listenings with real life authentic conversations is an attractive option for language teachers. Stanley (2006)
As podcasts enabled learner control and flexibility, podcasts were useful in helping to shift the focus from knowledge transmission to knowledge creation.
Ng'ambi & Lombe (2012).
Podcasting increased students' listening and speaking skills, as well as their pronunciation, vocabulary, motivation, increased their self confidence, lead to autonomous learning and changed their attitudes towards English language itself. Kohar & Salam (2015)
Theme tune
Good recording quality
Clear voice
Easy to follow structure
Interesting content
A script
Host /Hosts (and interviewees)
Audio recordings:
to broadcast publicly
or play locally from your computer.

You are attending an inter-departmental project meeting. Greet the team. Introduce yourself, your position and responsibilities in the team. End by saying you're looking forward to working with everyone.
Your boss asks you to give a short informal presentation on what your company does to a visiting group of students from a local school who are interested in finding out about different jobs and careers.
You are being interviewed for a local newsletter about your career highlights. Talk about why you choose this career, how you got the job at this company, and what you have enjoyed most so far.
You will give an induction talk to some new interns who are about to begin working with the company. Tell them a little about the company history and its philosophy, then give some details about the important details they need to know about daily work. (Working hours, dress code, IT, holidays, etc)
You want to hire a new team member who will work directly under you. What skills, qualifications, experience and personal characteristics does this person need? Meet someone from the HR department and discuss your requirements with them.
You are working on a big project and a new team member has just joined from another department. Give a briefing on the background to the project, current status and objectives.
You are being interviewed by a journalist from an industry magazine about a problem/ issue your company had to deal with recently. What was the problem, what solutions did you find, how did you find it?
At an international trader fair, you present a new product or service.
Conference talk or panel discussion- What are the issues affecting the industry today?
Explain to a customer why they should do business with your company and not your competitor. Answer any questions they have.
Using finished recordings
Choose task
Work backwards to identify pedagogic tasks
Create sub-tasks, steps leading to main task
Give students time to write script and rehearse
Record, listen and re-record if necessary
Project may run over multiple lessons
Include review and reflection
Planning podcasting lessons
as means of identifying learning needs
as content for future lessons
as record of student ability
as material for self-directed learning
English for the job - do current job more effectively

Time-effective English - busy people, specific needs

Business topics - vocabulary for their field

Communication skills - presentations, meetings ...

Communicative competence - using language to communicate successfully
Commercial music cannot be used
No one exempt from copy right laws
Get legal right to use the material
Attribution is a courtesy
Attribution: giving credit to the creator
TASL: Title, Author, Source (give link) & License
Annoyingly Happy by Graeme Tollins on Soundcloud CC BY-NC
Sources of music: Free or for a one-off payment
Info on using content found online:
Adding Music
Mission accomplished: Keywords and topics to help plan future lessons.
Gain confidence
and take to the airwaves

What did you notice?
Monthly audio 'show' at an Ad Agency
Padlet + Vocaroo
A podcast creation tool: search, create, and share podcasts with others.
Free audio editor and recording software
Example recording
Let's Listen:
For each image there is a short clip from the podcast.
Here is a short video tutorial on how to use Vocaroo
Here is a finished example: From Ben
How to use Audacity video Tutorial
Full transcript