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Sentence Structure Digital Presentation

No description

Grammar Project

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Sentence Structure Digital Presentation

Sentence Structure Ana Katherine Gosa, Rachel Hobby, and Avery Purnell Simple Sentence consists of independent clause

expresses a complete thought Examples: Tom reads newspapers.
The man walked down the street to see if the newspaper had arrived at his favorite store.
Tom and Henry read and enjoy novels and newspapers. Hint: You can't judge if a sentence is simple, based on its length. Compound Sentence consists of or more independent clauses

clauses are linked together by a coordinating conjunction Examples: Tom walked to the store, and the clerk waved hello.
Tom reads newspapers; however Jack reads comics.
Henry reads novels; his friend reads comics. Hint: The sentence has to complete one complete thought for every clause. Complex Sentence Coordinating Conjunctions A conjunction placed between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of equal rank This is FANBOYS. =for
=so F
S Compound-Complex Sentence consists of independent clause and dependent (or subordinate) clause

clauses are linked by a subordinating conjunction Examples: More Compound Complex Examples While Tom reads novels, Jack reads comics, but Sam reads only magazines. Tom reads novels, but Jack reads comics because books are too difficult. Jack, who reads comics, rarely reads novels; however, Tom enjoys novels. People who read comics rarely read novels; they often find books difficult. consists of or more independent clauses and at least subordinate clauses

clauses are linked together by a subordinating AND coordinating conjunction Examples: Although I like camping, I haven't gone in a while, and I haven't found anyone to go with.
I usually use a pick whenever I play the guitar, or I just use my fingers.
He called the security guard and he checked the room for items which have been stolen. Hint: A compound-complex sentence MUST have at least 1 coordinating conjunction, (or ;) and at least 1 A WHITE BUS word. Key =independent clause
=dependent clause Subordinating Conjunction =after, although, as

=when, wherever, where, whenever, while
=how, however
=even though, even if

=because, before
=unless, until
=since, so that, so what A W
S Although Tom reads novels, Jack reads comics.
Jack Smith, who reads comics, rarely reads novels.
People who read comics rarely read novels. Be Warned! A coordinating conjunction does not always mean a compound sentence. Example: My dog plays fetch and sleeps. sleeps often is not an independent clause. When my dog and I play fetch, we have fun. "and I" is part of the compound subject
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