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BRAND EQUITY MCDonald's case

Customer Based Pyramid (Keller)

Álvaro Díez Aguilar

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of BRAND EQUITY MCDonald's case

4. Relationships: What about you and me?

3. Response
What about you?
Brando Sleiter, Marios Athanasiou & Alvaro Diez
Equity Pyramid

1. Identify Who are you?
OBJECTIVE: to reach
Positive, accesible
- Intense, active LOYALTY:
* McDonalds operates in 122 countries
* Franchised restaurants
* Serving 68 million customers globally
* Established over 70 years
* Consumers link to McDonalds when they want eat something tasty, fast and clean .
* Covering broad amount of demands
* Breakfast/coffee
* Logo with the yellow “M”
* Ronald the clown for kids
* Famous/ top of mind
* Tag lines such as I’m loving it
* Childhood memories
1. World's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.
*Primary characteristics:
*Supplementary characteristics:
Drive thru, Take away & Birthday parties...
- Widely spread and convenient locations, opening Hours
- Speed and accuracy of serving order
Accessible prices (M. Value Meal = £4.19)
User profiles- Aimed at everyone
- Purchase & usage situations:
*Own restaurants, 1200 in the UK ease of purchase
*Serving around 68 million customers daily in 122 countries/ situations
- Personality & values:
- History & experiences:
*Pleasant past experiences (families and friends)

*Long established, meeting point for young adults
*Fun, efficient, pervasive, and convenient
*Behavioral loyalty: This includes regular, repeat purchases.
*Consumers recognition- known all over the world- always a choice
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