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Winston-Salem and the five themes of geography by Becket

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Robin Patterson

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Winston-Salem and the five themes of geography by Becket

and the five themes of geography
Human-Environment Interaction
Salem Lake reservoir is an example of how humans modify and depend on their environment. In Winston-Salem most drinking water comes from Salem Lake (a local man-made body of water). A dam is part of the reservoir that sends the water to a treatment plant, making it safe for human consumption. Salem Lake is also used for recreational purposes.
Movement of Goods and People
Winston-Salem is a city that is a section of the Piedmont Triad, which is located in North Carolina. The exact coordinates are : 36.07584 degrees North Latitude and
80.24436 degrees West Longitude. Winston-Salem is 337 miles south west of Washington D.C, 800 miles north of Miami, and 2,440 miles East of Los Angeles
Welcome to Winston-Salem
Below are industries which are examples of human characteristics of place. All of these industries in the pictures are from Winston-Salem.
Krispy Kreme

: Was first opened in 1937 in a building that is now part of Old Salem.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco
: Was founded in 1875 in Winston North Carolina when 25 year old Richard Joshua Reynolds founded a chewing tobacco company.

Bio-tech Place
: (bio-technology is using living cells or organisms to make products [technology]) was made in 2012 in an old tobacco warehouse previously owned by R.J. Reynolds.

Some goods are delivered to, from and through the city of Winston-Salem by trains. Buses are one of the ways to travel in Winston-Salem. Buses move people. They are different bus routes: school bus routes, city buses and buses that go to nearby cities. A new idea in Winston-Salem is to have electric car chargers on streets for people using electric cars.
Five facts to know:
1: Winston-Salem was created when 2 cities merged together in 1913 (Winston and Salem).

2: The architect who designed the R.J.R. building later designed the empire state building.

3: Winston-Salem has the first state-supported school in the U.S. to teach arts: the North Carolina School of the Arts.

4: Old Salem (the original Salem settlement ) was originally founded in 1766 by the Moravians.

5: Winston was founded in 1849, and named after Joseph Winston, a local Revolutionary War hero.

Winston-Salem is part of a region known as the South or the American South (or Dixie ). The South is distinguished by its warm weather and lush natural vegetation (left). Agriculture used to be an important industry of the South but now it is less popular. The population of the South is growing and industries such as banking (right) are becoming more important.
Movement of Ideas
Winston-Salem has several colleges and universities. Wake Forest (left) is one of these schools. Universities bring people and ideas to the city (Wake Forest was moved from Wake Forest, NC to Winston-Salem in 1956).
Wake Forest Biotech Place
is part of Winston-Salem's
Innovation Quarter
Innovation Quarter
is a section of town that deals with innovation, solving problems and the movement of ideas.
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