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The Cash Register

By: Maddie and Lacey

Maddie Wyatt

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Cash Register

The Cash Register James Ritty Bibliography He invented the first cash register in 1883. He was born on October 29, 1836. He was a barkeeper at Pony House in Dayton, Ohio. He came up with the invention of the cash register while on a steamboat trip to Europe. The first model was inaccurate. It looked like a clock with a keyboard and hands indicating dollars and cents instead of hours and minutes. The third prototype was a success. It was operated by pressing a key that represented a specific amount of money. Impact On Society Evolution ! The Cash Register Many merchants and business owners did not have an organized way of keeping track of profit. The cash register was an easy way to learn if they were operating at a profit or a loss. It was also a theft deterrent. The cash register is still very important in todays society. You can't go to a grocery store without finding one of these. It has evolved to be compatible with a bar scanner and credit and debit cards. http://internal.hartlake.org/webpages/Grendahl/Grendahl5_changes_JA_EW/Biography_of_James_Ritty.html And Mrs. Marr (:
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