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Oklahoma University

No description

Seth Everaard

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Oklahoma University

Oklahoma University
Oklahoma University is a great college.
The University of Oklahoma has a tone of traditions and good athletics. This University has so many academic programs.

Awesome Area
Oklahoma University is located right by Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma's academic programs
Oklahoma's academic programs have a health sciences center. The health sciences center is located in Oklahoma City.
Others are located at area clinics.

Oklahoma has some of the best athletics ever. OU has athletics like: Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and of course football.
Amazing traditions
The name Sooner actually goes back to the Civil War era when people from around the U.S. wanted land in Oklahoma.
Amazing Traditions
The Sooner Schooner is actually used to travel back in the day. Today during Oklahoma Sooners games they use that when ever OU scores.
Amazing Traditions
The Oklahoma Sooners have a great fight song that goes like Boomer and Sooner. They use this in a athletic sport or other ceremonies.
Amazing Traditions
There is rivalry called Bedlum and its between OU and Oklahoma State. This rivalry has been going on since 1904 and the very first game Oklahoma beat OSU 75-0.
The Oklahoma Sooners have won seven National Championships since 1950. 1950 was the Oklahoma Sooners first Championship. The Oklahoma Sooners has the best football team ever!!!!!!
Oklahoma's basketball team has a great team the Womens basketball team is very good. The men's basketball team is good as well. The very first appearence for the championship was back in 1939.
Baseball and Softball
The Baseball team has won only two Championships and they have won lots of games in seasons to. The Softball team has qualified 8 times in the womens college world championship series.
Facts about location
The University of Oklahoma was created in 1890.
How many students are at the university
The amount of students that are enrolled at the university are 29,931.
The university of oklahoma's actual location
The university of Oklahoma is in Norman Oklahoma which is in the heart of Oklahoma.
OU science and health center
The OU health science center has seven professional colleges. Its one the only four comprehensive academic health centers in the nation.
academic programs
They also have some advanced programs to.
Most programs are located at the Schusterman Center.
Schusterman center
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