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What's Happening - What's New!

Mike Ginsberg's CRS 2016 presentation

Kaulkin Ginsberg

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of What's Happening - What's New!

What's Happening - What's New!

Today's Topics
Economic Trends
Regulatory Updates
Market Segments
CFPB Update
State Law Trends
Collaboration between states and the FTC increases.
IRS: Third Time's a Charm?
Collection Recovery Solutions
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Mike Ginsberg, President & CEO

Presidential Election
Increased cost and overbearing client requirements have created a barrier-to-entry for service providers and debt buyers in the U.S. ARM industry.
Consolidation and attrition are occurring among collection agencies, collection law firms, and debt buyers.
Debt-buying portfolios will continue to be difficult to acquire and service.
Larger Market Participants will grow even larger, while smaller market participants will continue to lose ground.
About the Presenter
Mike Ginsberg
President & CEO
Kaulkin Ginsberg

(240) 499-3800
State regulators will participate in CFPB examinations with increasing frequency.
ARM associations are feeling the impact of consolidation.
1) Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1986
2) American Jobs Act of 2004
3) FAST Act of 2015
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