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Woods Runner

No description

Jasirri Green

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Woods Runner

Are you tired of reading boring stories when you'd rather be reading something exciting?
Wouldn't you enjoy reading an exciting book filled with action and suspense within every page. If your a person that likes mysteries, suspense, and action, "Woods Runner" is the book for you. While reading you will also start to gain knowledge on the American Revolution. Samuel is 13 years old and was raised in the woods so that was his natural home. The beginning of the book he was a very independent person and had responsibilities for taking care of his parents. When they were captured by the British, it was up to him to follow they're trail to New York. The theme took place during the American Revolution. Try to put yourself in the main characters position, "Samuel". How would you feel if your own family had been captured and it was up to you to save them. When you read "Woods Runner" you wont be able to sit the book down. Theres survival, action, history and facts about the American revolution before each chapter.
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