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Mirror Image Short Story Project

Theme on "Mirror Image" by Kevin Chung and Frank Lin

Kevin Chung

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Mirror Image Short Story Project

Identity Theme Statement:
Often scientific changes may cause people to reassess their identity before one can accept it Now, lets move on to the references... "For a moment she considered screaming, but it was too much trouble. Besides it wouldn't be her scream" (Coakley 14). This demonstrates Alice's physical composition blocking her way to realizing her true identity We figured out that this was an allegory to "Alice in Wonderland" because of the mirror, and how it impacted both protagonists. "The human mind is incredibly adaptable" (Coakley 14). Repetition of a line is one of the strongest ways of emphasizing a certain point to the audience and reader Through the certain events of telling herself that she may not be the same “Alice” as she used to, but she still has the same brain, and she can change to become a person with the same mental characteristics before the accident. “she then folded the umbrella, and secured the strap. In a small corner of the sidewalk, she wrote her initials, ACS, with the tip of the umbrella. Alice was here she thought. And then she walked towards home” (Coakley 18). This correlates to "Alice in Wonderland" when she comes back home she imprints her initials into the sidewalk, creating an identity that will never be separated. no matter what Understanding of the Short Story Project THE END #SWAG #iloveshortstories Theme Short Story Project: "Mirror Image"
By: Kevin Chung and Frank Lin
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