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Compensation and Benefits Presentation 2013

No description

Stacy Wolownik

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Compensation and Benefits Presentation 2013

Topic for Today:
Vacation Leave:
Early Retirement Incentive:
Salary Increases:
Feedback? Questions?
“…Those classified staff employees whose positions are converted from classified to unclassified status shall retain all health and flexible benefits and leave and retirement benefits provided to them under the state classified employee system…Implementation of this section shall not cause a salary reduction or layoff of any classified employee…,”
STATUTE 76-715a
Longevity Pay:
Group Health Insurance
Sick Leave
Shared Leave
Compensation Time
Tuition Assistance
Service Awards
Annual increases to be considered at the level equivalent to those given to unclassified administration and professional staff
Increases not based upon merit or performance evaluations
For all eligible employees-your salary increase will be calculated on a formula of
Restore Longevity Pay to FY12 Rate
Expand Eligibility
Include Longevity Pay in Calculation of Salary Increase
Salary: $30,000 per year
Longevity Pay: $1,250
Total to Calculate Salary Increase: $31,250
Salary Increase: 2%

Market adjustments:
Recommend consideration for market
adjustments if any are given to KS State
Classified employees.

Salary & Title Management Plan:

Recommends consideration of adopting a Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program if such a program is offered to KS State Classified Employees
Subcommittee Chairpersons:
Discipline & Protection- Sara Peak
Hiring, Layoffs & Furloughs- Donna Jacobs
Performance Evaluation- Terri Blessent
Compensation & Benefits- Stacy Wolownik
Subcommittee Members:
Trish Peak
Lori Hall
Kay Jiles
Tracey Mussa
New Salary & Title Management Plan
New plan will be equivalent or better
Framework: Existing Salary Grade & Step Matrix
Existing job titles will be examined to determine
how they will support the new salary plan
One unified system of all employees
Earn 8 hours of leave for 22 pay periods
Gain extra 2 hours of leave per fiscal year
FAQ'S: http://www.pittstate.edu/info/usssg/
Benefits which WILL
*Longevity pay will be paid within the pay period which Gus's length of
service date falls
Employee: Gus Gorilla
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