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Primary School PE - Delivery of PE to KS1 and KS2

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Carol Duffy

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Primary School PE - Delivery of PE to KS1 and KS2

Using Physical Education to enhance the transition of pupils' learning through Key Stage 1 and 2
My Background
Teacher of secondary physical education.

During my undergraduate degree at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, I was part of the Ulster Sports Outreach Team.

Sport for LIFE
'Learning to move, moving to learn'
Physical Education has a distinctive role to play, because it is not simply about education of the physical but involves cognitive, social, language and moral development and responsibilities.

'Learning to move, moving to learn'

- enabling a wider experience of PE.

Delivery of PE in Primary School - AIM
1) To help enhance overall
of primary teachers in teaching KS1 and KS2 PE.

2) Help to improve
of KS1 and KS2 PE through
sharing of knowledge and expertise
with primary school teachers and ensuring the development of greater
and improved
between key stages.

3) To improve pupils' knowledge and motivation towards engaging in regular physical activity through the
development of each child.
Evidence suggests that primary teachers:

Lack confidence
in teaching certain activities due to
limited subject knowledge
limited continuing professional development
Have access to
physical education
in primary schools

'Maximising the
sharing of expertise
between primary teachers and secondary PE teachers helps to
provide professional development
both sets
of teachers as well as enabling
curriculum continuity
to be achieved' (Bell, 1992)

Planning for


prevents pupils from revisiting and repeating the same curriculum material and enables a
progressively more challenging
curriculum to be taught, retaining interest and motivation, especially in the
from primary to secondary school.
It is important to ensure that pupils are motivated and interested in physical activity and PE if you are to ensure they
develop a positive attitude
towards engaging in

lifelong participation in physical activity
University of Ulster's Sports Outreach (USO)
is a strategic initiative of the
Ulster Sports Academy

USO facilitates a range of programmes aimed at widening access to sport and physical activity to young people whilst also enhancing Ulster Sports Academy students professional, practical and employability skills through affording them volunteering opportunities within sport and physical activity.
Evidence of Pupils' Progress
Teacher Statement
Evidence from primary school teachers

team teaching

alongside primary school teachers and undertaking a number of

lesson observations

and providing

constructive feedback
n a continuous basis, it was evident how much primary teachers'

subject knowledge


in teaching

PE enhanced throughout the year.
'Carol and the staff of St Paul's Academy have been fantastic in helping to improve the quality of PE teaching in Holy Family Primary School'
'Being an NQT, I didn't have that much experience teaching PE and Carol has really helped to
boost my confidence
in the area'
'As well as my own personal learning in the area, the children have also benefited greatly. As well as learning many different skills, they absolutely loved having Carol every Thursday and always looked forward to it, thus
furthering a positive attitude
towards Physical Education'

'Carol's planning and delivery of
lessons for the class was the reason for this, while always ensuring
every child
in the class had
to the lesson'
What I have gained?
New environment with new challenges where I was able to enthuse and motivate pupils to participate in regular physical activity
(TS1 and TS2).

Sharing of subject knowledge and experience
and collaborated with new staff in a new school
in order to enhance their knowledge and confidence in teaching KS1 and KS2 PE.

Taught years 1-6 (KS1 and KS2). As a result I had to adopt different teaching styles, ensure tasks were differentiated, have strong subject knowledge in order to be able to adapt activities for KS1/2 pupils when I am used to teaching KS3. This then also helped me when teaching KS3
(TS4 and TS5)

Helped me to develop and implement a range of new behaviour management strategies which has helped when teaching KS3

'The program you have used 'Sport for LIFE' delivers every element of fitness, as well as offering the knowledge and enrichment of healthy lifestyle'.

'My class have learned immensely about the circulation system, body parts and the impact of exercising, healthy eating and making healthy life choices. Above all, my children and I have had a fantastic time while learning'.
'One of the most important outcomes for me, it has been to be able to teach
cross curriculum
, and to transfer all the skills and strategies I have learned to other topics and units of work'.
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