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No description

Brandon Myers

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Surgeon

Surgeon A surgeon's job responsabilities are to treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive methods, such as manual manipulation or by using instruments and appliances. A surgeons salary can range from $248,436 to $363,209 a year. The education that is needed to become a surgeon is a bachelors degree which takes about four years to obtain, at least four years of medical school, Then you would need to take residency or an internship at a hospital, this can take anywhere from three to eight years. To be a surgeon you would also have to be licensed in the state that you practice in. Surgeons use a lot of technology. They use X-rays to see exactly where the problems are, they use CAT scans to see internal organs that might be ruptured. Surgeons also use cameras to operate in places they cannot manually operate in. Surgeons use so much more technology than this, these are just a few examples In 10 years, There will be a large shortage in surgeons and this means surgeons will be needed at a great demand. Since there will be a shortage of surgeons in the future, surgeons will be demanded everywhere all around the world A surgeons customers are anyone with medical problems that can only be solved by surgery Surgeons always work in teams, They communicate by leading eachother through each procedure, handing eachother tools and discuss vital signs. Dealing with customers:
They fix the problem the patient their working on has been diagnosed with to get them back to full health. The businesses that they communicate with are Doctor's offices, specialists, radiologists and and different medical experts that refer patients to them Surgeons use math in many ways. Some ways they use math are to measure medicine dosages, make measurements, calculate where to make insertions and more. Computer programs surgeons use on a daily basis are surgery simulations PDF references and other programs.
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