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Pierce The Veil

No description

Megan Gifford

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

Vic Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Tony Perry

Jaime Preciado
About them
Ptv formed in 2006, starting off with just Vic and Mike for the first album (brothers) then Tony and Jaime joined for the second album, finalizing ptv.
UK Tours
A Flair For The Dramatic
Selfish Machines
Collide With The Sky
Pierce The Veil have done two UK tours one in 2012 which I attended with fellow student Sabrina and in 2013 which I also attended. They also played at one UK festival Slam Dunk and are now doing a tour with Bring Me The Horizon in October and November 2013!
2012 gig
Hi-mes guitar pick
Vic Fuentes
Victor Vincent Fuentes.
30 years old.
Lead singer of Pierce The Veil.
Older brother of Mike Fuentes, drummer of Pierce The Veil.
He plays guitar, bass, piano and keyboard.

Mike Fuentes
Micheal Christopher Fuentes.
28 years old.
Drummer of Pierce The Veil.
Younger brother of Vic Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce The Veil.
Plays drums and percussion.

Jaime Preciado
Jaime Preciado (Hi-me)
27 years old.
Bassist of Pierce The Veil.
Joined Pierce The Veil in 2006.
Plays bass and backing vocals.
Tony Perry
Tony Perry
28 years old.
Guitarist of Pierce The Veil.
Joined Pierce The Veil in 2006.
Plays guitar.

They also have a soon to be released Live Documentary

Did you know?
The Pierce The Veil song I'm Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket is a quote from film Waynes World 2.
Vic (lead singer) is the only member without tattoos but has designed some of fellow member Mike (drummer) tattoos.
All members are part Mexican.
Tony (Guitar) can solve a rubiks cube in 2 minutes.
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