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Reading Project

No description

melvin piemontoy

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Reading Project

they went
to Mr Hick's,
Mr Hick said that
he saw some
jets two or three days ago
and before that he had
said he was on the
London train at 7:00
o'clock and that is
the time the jets
were there so
that must mean
he was lying, he
couldn't see the
jets from the train. Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets ,and Buster just woke up and learned a fire had took place in Mr Hick's cottage, they call themselves the five find-outers and dog and try to find out who did it. The Mystery Of The
BURNT COTTAGE First, they started looking for clues, they found a part of a grey flannel coat and a footstep that they took a drawing of, now they know that the person who burnt the cottage was wearing rubber-soled shoes with crisscross markings and that he ripped his gray flannel coat going there. The old tramp was next to the cottage that night so they check him out first whilst he is sleeping and see he doesn't wear a grey coat or rubber-soled shoes. Mr Peeks couldn't have done it either even though he was wearing a gray flannel coat, he had stayed with his friend the whole time hiding behind a bush, he had gotten inside to get some things he had forgotten at Mr Hick's home on the meeting in the morning. Mr Smellie couldn't have done it either, his very honest maid had saw him at home the whole time reading important papers and he is a very old man. Mrs Minn' s sister said Mrs Minn had been petrified to her chair when she started smelling the fire so she
couldn't have
done it. Mr Smellie told the police that kids were messing with police matter and they got grounded.
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